Emmanuel Acho

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Acho: 'No Eagles injury surprises me'

Jon Marks & Ike Reese
December 13, 2018 - 1:48 pm

Emmanuel Acho, a four-year NFL linebacker, spent most of his career with the Eagles and he is not a fan of their medical staff—a staff under scrutiny following reports about Carson Wentz's latest back injury. 

Acho, 28, tweeted in April of 2017—in response to Philadelphia drafting Sidney Jones, who was dealing with a torn Achilles—that Jones will need patience and good medical staff. Acho added: "Which the Eagles have arguably neither of."

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Today, following the latest news that Wentz has a fracture, Acho is doubling-down and referencing the fact that the Eagles fired their head trainer just 17 days after winning the Super Bowl.

The Eagles did add some new employees to their medical staff this offseason, but it's not completely new, as Acho was quick to point out to people mentioning the new medical staff on Twitter

Following this story being published, Acho released this video. 

Later on Thursday, Acho joined the 94WIP Marks & Reese Show. 

"Again, the big optimal point here is, NFL athletic trainers work for the team," Acho explained. "They don't work for the players. The problem is, when you're that negligent you end up screwing the player over in the long-term. You could also screw the player over in the short-term, and it's just not a good look. So I think this is probably a universal issue, but I don't like talking outside of my mouth, I don't like talking outside of my knowledge."

Acho was asked if Howie Roseman and upper management is to blame.

"I like Howie, I think Howie is a great guy, so it's hard for me to put it on him," Acho said. "But I will say this, there's a lot of pressure to win and win now. Eagles won their Super Bowl, so can you be mad at any decision they made? Heck no, I was there. I enjoyed it like everyone else. But when you have so much pressure to win and win now and rush a guy back on the field, you can't be surprised when you see a hamstring injury take 10 weeks to come back from. You can't be surprised when you see a guy who got a hurt a year ago never get back. I'm not gonna blame Howie, but somebody gotta take blame."

Acho reiterated that while some of the medical staff is different, some of the staff is the same and the "protocol is the same."

"I talked to several guys on the team, but I'm not gonna jeopardize their pay check," Acho said. "I would just assume that this is probably pretty standard across the board."

Howard Eskin to exception to Acho's comments and let loose on Twitter. 

Wentz popped up on the injury report back in Week 6, but has continued to play through his injury. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reports the team had "no indication" of the fracture prior to this last series of tests. 

The Eagles eventually released Acho midway through the 2015 season, so he may have an axe to grind with the organization too. 

Since Acho's tweet, former Eagles defensive end Philip Hunt and safety Earl Wolff have also come out with their own accusations against the medical staff: