Details of the Barnett vs. Dillard practice fight

Andrew Porter
August 12, 2019 - 11:44 am

Our first serious Eagles Training Camp practice fight of the year!

Eagles rookie offensive lineman Andre Dillard and third year defensive end Derek Barnett were involved in a fight during Monday's practice, according to 94WIP's Eliot Shorr-Parks. 

The scrum came during an 11 on 11 drill, where media was unable to film. Barnett and Dillard were lined up across from each other and at the end of play they got into a fight, resulting in both players tussling on the ground. A large portion of the team came over and separated them. The ensuing play, with both players still heated, was very physical and Barnett pushed Dillard into Carson Wentz, who almost fell over. 

"That's football man," veteran offensive lineman Jason Peters said of the fight after practice. "You're going to have days like that. It's good to have practices like that. You're gonna fight your brother some days and love them some days too. It's good to have days like this."

When practice ended, Dillard had the very rare, long talk with Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman on the field. Eventually, Barnett came over and shook hands with Dillard. Dillard went right inside and has yet to take questions. 

More coming...