5 things: Ben Simmons' viral 3-pointer

Dave Uram
October 09, 2019 - 8:33 am

The moment has happened. 

It doesn’t matter that it was only a pre-season game. Wells Fargo Center reacted like it was the playoffs, legitimizing the magnitude of the moment. 

Ben Simmons made a three-pointer. 

I repeat, Ben Simmons has made a three-point jump shot. 

With time winding down in the first half Tuesday night against the Guangzhou Loong-Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association, Simmons pulled up for a three as a defender backed off.

The crowd was urging him to shoot. It appeared Joel Embiid wanted him to fire away as well. It would’ve been headline news if he didn’t let it fly in a pre-season game that means absolutely nothing in terms the standings.

Simmons said on Media Day, “if it's open, I'll take it."

He did. Nothing but net. Internet broken. 

Here are the best aspects of Simmons’ first unofficial three-point make with the Sixers. 

Embiid’s Reaction 

Before the ball even went in the net, Embiid ran over to his fellow franchise cornerstone. When the ball went in, he celebrated as if they just won a huge game.

Simmons, true to form, wasn’t as celebratory. But, Embiid’s reaction was priceless. 


Even though the bucket went in, you may not have liked Simmons form. That aspect of his shot continues to get criticized despite the fact Simmons took a lot of time over the summer to work on this part of his game. 

Personally, I think criticism of his form is overblown. If it goes in, it goes in. It was a swish. Enough said. 

Crowd’s Reaction

As mentioned, the crowd celebrated like it was a huge game in May. That’s how important it was for fans to see that. 

Regardless of how many Simmons takes this season, the bottom line is a Ben Simmons three-point bucket was the first of what people hope are many great moments this season. 

Team’s Reaction

If you’re still wondering why this is a big deal, just watch the bench. Every player on the 76ers stood up in celebration for an All-Star point guard making a three-pointer in a 2019 NBA game.

Summing It Up

Good for Simmons to finally hit a three. It won’t silence the critics, and people will expect more, especially in games where the final score matters. But, he was open, he took it and it went in. Simmons deserves credit for that.