DeSean Jackson, Lane Johnson want LeSean McCoy on Eagles

94WIP Staff
May 31, 2020 - 9:10 am

The Eagles search for a third-string running back continues, but it seems like it if were up to offensive tackle Lane Johnson and receiver DeSean Jackson, it would already be over -- and the search would end with LeSean McCoy coming back to Philadelphia. 

The two recently were on Instagram live together, as part of Johnson's new series "Outside the Lane" where he speaks to various celebrities and teammates. The topic of McCoy potentially coming back came up, and both were excited about the idea. 


“I want to see it,” Johnson said about a McCoy reunion. “You already know how I feel.”

Jackson agreed with Johnson but also acknowledged that McCoy’s return was out of their hands.

“If we were going off how we feel, there would have been a lot of (expletive) we would have already been seeing, right?” Jackson said.

Jackson, Johnson and McCoy were teammates during the 2013 season, and Johnson remained McCoy' teammate in 2014 as well before Chip Kelly traded the running back to Buffalo. 

There is no denying the idea of McCoy coming back to the Eagles is certainly a fun one, and really, his past with the team is probably the only reason he is being considered. The most accomplished running back in franchise history, the idea of him ending his career with the team just feels right, and likely appeals to owner Jeffrey Lurie, as well as Johnson and Jackson. The timing of McCoy coming back also seems to be perfect, as he seems to have realized where he is at in his career, something that didn’t seem to the best case even just one year ago. 

What McCoy could bring on the field, however, is up for debate. 

McCoy’s season with the Kansas City Chiefs was a bit puzzling. One one hand, he proved he could be effective in a backup role, as he averaged 4.6 yards-per-carry on 101 attempts, his best average since 2013. His average of 5.0 yards-per-touch was his best since 2016. The question is whether McCoy's production was the result of limited touches or playing in a dynamic Chiefs offense. Andy Reid’s decision to not even dress McCoy in the Super Bowl is likely a telling sign of what they really thought of McCoy's ability to contribute. 

The benefit of a veteran third-string running back is that they can be a potential safety net if either Sanders or Scott take a step back next season, or suffer an injury. It is fair to wonder if McCoy would be able to carry the load if Sanders were to go down. The last time McCoy was a big-part of an offense was in 2018, when he touched the ball 195 times for the Buffalo Bills, and averaged a career-low 3.9 yards-per-touch. In fact, prior to going to Kansas City, McCoy’s average yards-per-touch decreased each season from 2016 to 2018. That is obviously concerning. 

Still, as third-string running back, McCoy does make some sense. The Eagles won't be adding an All-Pro as their third-string running back. No team will be. McCoy could come in, be a backup to Miles Sanders and Boston Scott, while also being very familiar with the offense and the culture the Eagles have.

If he was willing to accept that role, and not become unhappy spending his reunion tour with the Eagles on the bench, McCoy on a one-year, minimum deal seems like a low-risk move -- and it certainly seems like it would make both Johnson and Jackson happy.