Here are the QBs NFL players think are better than Wentz

94WIP Staff
July 30, 2020 - 11:00 am

The last 10 players were revealed on Wednesday night to complete the NFL Top 100 list. Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson took the No. 1 overall spot and was one of 13 quarterbacks selected. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was not selected to the list. Here are all the quarterbacks that NFL players ranked ahead of Wentz:

1. Lamar Jackson

2. Russell Wilson

4. Patrick Mahomes

12. Drew Brees

14. Tom Brady

16. Aaron Rodgers

20. Deshaun Watson

43. Jimmy Garoppolo

46. Dak Prescott

58. Kirk Cousins

68. Ryan Tannehill

87. Josh Allen

90. Kyler Murray

Wentz's absence from this list is not an outlier when it comes to the national discussion about his ability. He was listed as Tier 2 quarterback by executives polled by The Athletic and rated a Tier 3 quarterback by Pro Football Focus, which put him outside the top 10 quarterbacks on both evaluations. 

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"This list is a joke Eliot," said 94WIP's James Seltzer on the most recent Go Birds podcast. "These players don't care about this list... Now look, there might be some guys who take this seriously, but I think there is a large portion of players who do not take it seriously. And moreso, there is a large portion of players who don't face these guys every year. You play 10 different teams when you think about it. That's it. You don't see that many different teams. You are basing it off a small subset of the teams you have faced."

"He doesn't get any respect and hasn't gotten any respect for years now because of what happened when they won the Super Bowl," said ESPN's Louis Reddick on First Take. "All the rumors started about the fact that Carson doesn't have leadership qualities, Nick Foles is someone who the team plays harder for, and that thing just snowballs. Then it leaked into the disrespect for how he plays on the field."

While many media members outside of Philadelphia are advocating for Wentz's ability, the overwhelming narrative throughout this offseason has casts doubt in many minds about Wentz's return to an elite quarterback in the league. Drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft didn't help, but Wentz will hopefully have a season where he can prove the doubters wrong.