Timeline for Eagles staff return

94WIP Staff
July 02, 2020 - 10:03 am

It looks like the Eagles are cautiously planning a return for coaches and staff members in anticipation of training camp.

On the most recent episode of Inside the Birds, Geoff Mosher detailed the Eagles plans for top personnel returning to the facilities.

 "What I was told is that Eagles coaches and staff members are being asked to be in the Philadelphia area by July 10," said Mosher. "They are going to have to undergo a mandatory seven-day quarantine and then be tested after those seven days." 

"So on July 10th they arrive, July 17 is when the testing precedes for the coaches and staff. I think it's pretty interesting and demonstrates what we have been saying about Jeffrey Lurie, his concerns about COVID-19 and being on the forefront of it."

Training camp is set to begin on July 28th for all NFL teams, while rookies and selected veterans will report on July 21st.

Recently, the NFL sent out a memo mandating teams to develop an Infectious Disease Emergency Response plan that "sets forth the team's protocols for containing an outbreak". The memo also mandates that teams divide their staff into "tiers" that specify where personnel can go and what they can do within the team facilities. Tier 1 includes players, coaches, trainers, physicians and necessary personnel. 

Jeffrey Lurie's step-by-step plan of action for his top personnel is clearly geared towards ensuring a healthy and safe return to the Eagles facilities. Staff members have not been in the offices since the onset of coronavirus in mid March.

All of this is in anticipation of getting ready for the NFL season set to start in September. On Wednesday, PFT reported that the NFL 2020 preseason will be trimmed from four games to two, cancelling Week One and Week Four games. For the Eagles, that means their game against the Colts on August 13th is scrapped as well as their last game against the Jets on September 3.

The move makes sense for teams considering players were reporting just 15 days before their first preseason game. That gives the Eagles more time to work with their full roster. It also provides a two week gap before the first regular season games scheduled.