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Redick: 'I think LeBron to LA was years in the making'

Andrew Porter
September 14, 2018 - 8:38 am

JJ Redick was on Zach Lowe's Podcast, The Lowe Poston Thursday and had some interesting things to say about LeBron James, free-agency, and the Sixers. 

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"If we sort of connect the dots on the LeBron to LA thing, as we have all learned—I don't know if you know Mav (Maverick Carter), but I know Mav," Redick told Lowe. "Those guys are very smart guys. They calculate everything. This LeBron to LA thing. It was, I think, it was years in the making."

Redick added that the Lakers showed interest in him, but he ultimately chose to re-sign in Philly. 

“We were sorta waiting on Lebron," Redick said. "Once Lebron made his decision, the Lakers were involved as well. There was an opportunity there."

As far as the Sixers' summer goes, many fans are disappointed that the team couldn't make any big splashes. Before free-agency began Brett Brown announced the Sixers were "star-hunting," which changed expectations. 

"So much was placed on this summer, as they sort of forecasted and projected out going back two or three years," Redick explained. "This was the summer, we're extending Jo (Joel Embiid), we're going to have to extend Ben (Simmons). This was the summer. And then this coming summer is sort of the last summer...and you sort of swing for the fences and if you look at the list of guys that Philly wants there was three guys this summer. And then next summer there's probably three guys and if that doesn't happen, I don't know what direction they pivot to."

Redick said after Embiid, Simmons, and maybe Fultz, Brown is a selling point for potential free-agents considering joining the Sixers. 

"I think Brett has proven to be a great coach and players like playing for him," Redick said. "He's a players coach even though he's a little old school, he's a players coach."

Redick also talked about the relationship between Embiid and Simmons. 

"As far as the relationship between them, I think it's great," Redick said of Embiid and Simmons. "They both are introverts. The media version of Jo and the Jo off the court, away from the cameras, is two different people."

Listen to the full podcast below.