Latest: Phillies, Harper far apart on money

February 28, 2019 - 5:30 am

The end of February is here, and believe it or not, Bryce Harper is still a free agent. 

Will this circus actually make it into March?

Here are all of the latest rumors and reports you need to know, as well as a recap of a crazy last week, surrounding the Phillies pursuit of Harper:

Thursday, Feb. 28th - Phillies, Harper "significantly" apart on dollars

Thursday, Feb. 28th -- Phillies no longer the favorite?

All winter, USA Today's Bob Nightengale has confidently stated that the Phillies would land Bryce Harper. He now appears to be backing off that prediction, with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants now upping their offers

Per Nightengale:

The Phillies, considered the heavy favorites all winter, still have the highest offer on the table, but may now be on the outside looking in. They are beginning to wonder whether Harper would sign ever there, no matter how much money they keep offering.

Thursday, Feb. 28th -- Decision coming?

It feels like just yesterday a decision was coming and the Phillies were considered the favorites. Things might have drastically changed, but we might finally be getting answer on where Harper will sign. 

Per Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic: 

 ...the Giants are realistically hopeful, if not giddily optimistic, that they really will welcome Harper to their clubhouse soon. According to those who have been in direct contact with Harper, he intends to sign with a club no later than this weekend.

Thursday, Feb. 28th -- Phillies still in the driver seat?

Wednesday, Feb. 27th - Harper discussing 10-year deals with the Giants

Wednesday, Feb. 27th - Phillies believe their chances are "remote"

Wednesday, Feb. 27th - Giants met with Harper on Tuesday

Wednesday, Feb. 27th - Three-team race

Tuesday, Feb. 26th - Dodgers a real risk to Phils? 

Tuesday, Feb. 26th - Rockies reportedly finalizing an 8-year, $255 million contract with Nolan Arenado with a three-year opt-out clause

Tuesday, Feb. 26th - The Phillies aren't the only team offering more than $300 million

Tuesday, Feb. 26th - Angelo Cataldi reports a three-year opt-out is the hold up on Harper to the Phillies

Monday, Feb. 25th: USA Today's Bob Nightengale is reporting that Harper's choice is down to three teams -- the Phillies, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. Here is how Nightengale sees the decision breaking down:

Really, it’s quite simple here. If Harper wants the most money, the Phillies are most likely his team. If he wants to go to an iconic franchise that’s close to his Las Vegas home, but doesn’t mind leaving about $200 million on the table, he’ll choose the Dodgers. If he wants to stay out West, but perhaps doesn’t mind playing for a team that’s about to begin their rebuild, and playing in a ballpark that could suffocate his power numbers, he’ll go to San Francisco.

Take out the Giants, for the reasons Nightengale laid out, and it will come down to the Dodgers or the Phillies. When will Harper decide? Nightengale says it will be by the end of the week. 

Monday, Feb. 25th - Phillies only team talking long-term deal with Harper

Monday, Feb. 25th - "The Dodgers opportunity might exist if, and only if, the Phillies aren't willing to go over $300M for Harper."​

Monday, Feb. 25th - Dodgers willing to explore short-term deal with "monster AAV" 

Monday, Feb. 25th - Dodgers interested in short-term deal with Harper

Friday, Feb. 22nd - Middleton flies to Vegas