All or Nothing: Eagles fans shine in new Amazon show

Eliot Shorr-Parks
February 07, 2020 - 8:06 am

The Eagles and their disappointing 2019 campaign will take center stage on Friday with the release of “All or Nothing”, the Amazon series that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the 9-7 season. 

The eight-episode look at the Eagles touches on a number of different issues throughout the season, but while the subject is the football team, it is the city that takes center stage. 

Here are some takeaways: 

Philadelphia is the star of the show: Eagles fans don’t always get portrayed in a fair light by national media. That isn’t the case in All or Nothing. From a fan getting an Eagles’ tattoo, to another talking about how Week 1 is his favorite day of the year, the series has a ton of awesome scenes throughout the show that show why Philadelphia is an amazing sports town. Do fans expect a lot of their teams? Absolutely, and that is especially true with the Eagles. The show certainly shows that. But it isn’t a coincidence that this is the first time in the show’s history that the fans are the main subject of the show — it is because there is no fan base as passionate or committed as Eagles fans. 

WIP and Go Birds: Let there be no doubt — when it comes to Philadelphia sports, the listeners and callers of 94WIP remain the king. The callers of WIP, and the hosts they talk to, are featured throughout the show, before-and-after every game, and with each twist in the season. It was really cool to see and a special feeling to be even a small part of it. Thanks to everyone who listens to the station, calls in and makes it the best place to talk Philly sports in the city. Also, a special, not-bias-at-all shoutout to Go Bird’s hosts John Barchard and James Seltzer, who are in the series throughout, provide awesome reaction to each game and are essentially the hosts of the series. 

Playing in Philadelphia impacts the Eagles: The Eagles have become borderline obsessed with highlighting their detractors over the last few seasons. It fuels them, and in 2017, the underdog attitude helped them win the Super Bowl. In 2018 and 2019? Not so much. 

The major theme in the series is what it is like to play in Philadelphia, both for the players and the front office. Howie Roseman talks about a fan giving him the finger early on his career and how it caused him to get tinted windows. Players joke about things fans have yelled at them. Each game is presented as a chance to prove the naysayers wrong. Whether it is the right or wrong way to go about it is debatable, but one thing is very clear — the Eagles are always listening to what is being said about them and it clearly impacts them. 

Carson Wentz: The show does provide plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at how Wentz interacts with his teammates on the field and during practice. There are plenty of scenes that show Wentz coaching up younger players, going over routes with veterans and putting in work after practice. It was also interesting to see how vocal Wentz is with his teammates on the sideline during games, with both offensive and defensive players. One thing I couldn’t help but notice, however, was how almost all of Wentz’s bad games — outside of the Seattle debacle — seemed to be blamed on the offensive line. The show made it seem like Wentz had a much better season than he did, but did make one thing clear — when Wentz is on, he is a very talented quarterback. Re-living Wentz’s end-of-the-season run to the playoffs was cool and something fans will really enjoy. 

Brandon Graham: Among the players, the star of the show is without question Brandon Graham. Graham not only gave the show access to his personal life, but seemed to be mic’d up for almost every game. Watching his reaction during games, the way he encouraged his teammates and told them to keep believing was awesome. It is obvious why the Eagles made bringing him back last offseason a priority, and let’s be honest — the guy has an amazing laugh. 

Week 1: It will be bittersweet for Eagles fans re-watching the way the team’s offense moved in Week 1. DeSean Jackson burning the Washington defense deep. Alshon Jeffery dominating the red zone. Carson Wentz spreading the ball around. The Eagles entered the 2019 season absolutely stacked on offense — one might say the best skill position players in the NFL. Injuries prevented them from ever reaching their full potential. There will be plenty of changes this season, so chances are we will never get to see what the offense could have been — but Week 1 sure was fun to watch. 

Major Events Left Out: Anyone hoping to get a behind-the-scenes look at any of the drama that happened this season will be very disappointed. There is nothing about the multiple reports, and Philly Voice article, questioning Wentz’s leadership and standing in the locker room. Nothing about the anonymous quotes leaked to ESPN criticizing Wentz. Nothing about the perceived tension between Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery. The Orlando Scandrick drama was included, but there was nothing new. It was impossible to ignore everything that went wrong in 2019, especially since they went 9-7, but overall the show paints a much more positive picture of the team than what actually happened. 

Jenkins to Sidney Jones: The only really interesting behind-the-scenes quote came from Malcolm Jenkins to Sidney Jones during the team’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. While standing on the sideline, Jenkins tells Jones: “Waiting for you. Waiting for you to switch it on. In everything, your body language, demeanor more than anything. Turn that shit on.” 

Super Bowl: The Eagles have said repeatedly since the 2017 season that they are moving on from that championship year and focusing on the present. With that in mind, it was a little surprising to see a huge picture of the team’s Super Bowl trophy on the screen behind Doug Pederson in what seems like every single team meeting. 

McCown: The Eagles should bring McCown back as a coach next season if he does indeed decide to retire. McCown is always coaching Wentz, both during practices and on the sideline during games. One of the main messages McCown gives Wentz repeatedly is to always look for completions, as opposed to trying to make the big play. McCown compares completing passes to a shooter shooting, insisting that getting Wentz some early completions will allow him to heat up and eventually hit the big plays down the field. McCown was clearly very valuable on the sideline last season for Wentz. The scenes of McCown crying after the playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks were genuinely heartbreaking. 

Culture: The show certainly goes out of it’s way to paint a positive picture of the 2019 season, but even so, it is clear the culture that Doug Pederson has built is a reason the Eagles are able to consistently bounce-back from tough losses. The players seem to genuinely care for each other and that comes across throughout the show. As long as Pederson is the head coach it is hard to ever see this team completely falling apart, and the culture Pederson has built is the main reason why.