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Bryce Harper (kind of) speaks on his free agency

Eliot Shorr-Parks
February 14, 2019 - 5:30 am

At this point, one thing is very clear — Phillies fans almost want the Bryce Harper drama to be over as much as they actually want Harper. 

The surprising news? Harper seems to agree. 

Speaking to the Star-Telegram, Texas Rangers reliever Shawn Kelley revealed that he has recently spoken to Harper, and the free agent also seems to be surprised at how long his time as an unemployed player has lasted. 

“I talked to him the other day,” Kelley said, “and he said it’s actually slower than you guys think.”

That is a fairly interesting nugget. 

The perception has been in Philadelphia that Harper has been sitting on plenty of offers as a free agent, including a mega-offer from the Phillies, and simply isn’t deciding. Considering the interest he has had from the Washington Nationals, Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants, that is a fair perception to have. 

Based off of his conversation with Kelley, however, perhaps Harper isn’t getting the kind of offers he expected, and he isn’t in constant communication with teams. Perhaps he is ready to sign and wants to be in a spring training — but just doesn’t have the kind of offers many think that he does. 

Either way, if Harper himself is saying the process is going slow, chances are the waiting Phillies fans have had to endure for months isn’t going to end anytime soon. 

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