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Wentz's contract: Cap hit, Eagles' cap space breakdown

Eliot Shorr-Parks
June 13, 2019 - 5:30 am

The details of Carson Wentz’s contract with the Eagles are slowly leaking out, and while the money is impressive, what really matters for fans is one thing and one thing only — the cap hits. 

We now have a better idea of how much cap space Wentz’s deal will be eating up thanks to, and as expected, it is a deal that looks to be in the Eagles’ favor. 

In a great article by OTC’s Jason Fitzgerald, the cap hits for Wentz’s contract are projected to be:

2019: $3.99 million 

2020: $18.66 million 

2021: $34.67 million 

2022: $31.27 million 

2023: $34.27 million 

2024: $32 million 

OTC goes on to note that the first year the Eagles could realistically move on from Wentz seems to be the 2022 season, where they would save $6 million in cap space to cut Wentz — but they would absorb $24 million in dead money. In 2023, they would save $19 million in cap space. In the final year of the deal, the Eagles can cut Wentz and save $26 million. 

The new deal actually lowers Wentz’s cap hit for 2019 and 2020. The cap hits for the new years on the deal are pricy, but compared to other quarterbacks, it isn’t crazy high — especially if Wentz hits his potential. 

If Wentz plays out this entire contract there is a good chance he will never have the highest cap hit in the NFL at quarterback. Considering almost all new contracts in the NFL end up being at the top of the player’s position at some point, the Eagles getting Wentz for around $32 million per year, assuming he stays healthy, over the last four has to be considered a win for the team. 

Of course, the deal will look a lot different if Wentz suffers another serious injury, which he has each of the last two seasons. There is plenty of risk on the Eagles’ end in handing Wentz $107 million in guaranteed money, the highest total in the history of the NFL. The reward if he stays healthy and reaches his potential, however, is obvious now that the details of the contract are out. 

For the Eagles, the lower cap hit for Wentz means they are currently projected to have around $22 million in cap space for the 2019 season. They are actually over the salary cap in 2020, according to OTC, by around $12 million. Considering the job Howie Roseman has done manuvering around the salary cap and opening up space, however, it is safe to say once the offseason begins in 2020 they will quickly get back under the cap. 

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