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Doug Pederson’s 9 best regular season wins

Eliot Shorr-Parks
July 10, 2019 - 7:51 am

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has been with the team for only three seasons, but already he has enough memorable wins to last a life time — and not just in the postseason. 

While we wait for training camp to get underway on July 25th, here is a look at Pederson’s nine best victories with the Eagles, not including the playoffs or Super Bowl LII. 

1. Eagles 43-35 over Los Angeles Rams (2017) — This is a memorable game for Eagles fans because it was when Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL, but it was an important victory as well. Pederson’s team went into Los Angeles, against one of the best teams in the NFC at the time, and beat them in their own building to clinch the NFC East. Pederson’s offense lead the way, scoring 24 first-half points on their way to 43 overall. Pederson getting the win despite an injury to Wentz is very symbolic of the kind of head coach he is — he can get the job done no matter what personnel he is dealing with. 

2. Eagles 28-23 over Carolina Panthers (2017) — This game isn’t talked about as much as it should be. On a short week, Pederson’s Eagles went into Carolia — which is not an easy play to win — on a Thursday night and won a close game over the Panthers. This was a complete team effort, with both the offense and defense making big plays. Members of the coaching staff would later say that the win in Carolina was when they first started to get the feeling something special was happening with that team. 

3. Eagles 34-3 over Pittsburgh Steelers (2016) — Pederson’s rookie year started off with a bang going 2-0 before a meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers that nobody gave them a shot to win. Not only did the Eagles win, but they dominated the Steelers, moving to 3-0 in the process. This win was in many ways the best moment of the 2016 season, a year that quickly fell apart afterwards. Still, going out to 3-0 and beating the Steelers showed exactly what the Eagles were capable of with Pederson on the sideline. 

4. Eagles 32-30 over Houston Texans (2018) — With many viewing the Eagles’ win the prior week over the Los Angeles Rams as a bit of a fluke, Pederson and the Eagles needed a win over the Houston Texas to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Pederson’s offense got the job done, putting up 32 points with Foles under center. This game was yet another sign that Pederson is capable of winning without Wentz. 

5. Eagles 37-9 over Dallas Cowboys (2017) — This was a good old-fashion trashing by the Eagles over their top rivals, the Cowboys, in Dallas. This game didn’t have the significance that others on the list did, but it was a memorable one. 

6. Eagles 34-29 over Giants (2017) — This was Nick Foles first start after Wentz tore his ACL I 2017, and the Eagles badly needed a win to prove that the season wasn’t over. It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but Pederson’s game plan resulted in four touchdowns from Foles, and was exactly the kind of win the team needed. 

7. Eagles 30-23 over Los Angeles Rams (2018) — Primetime, season on the line and Foles under center, Pederson’s team got the job done again this past season in the first game after Wentz was forced to the sideline with an injury. 

8. Eagles 29-10 over Cleveland Browns (2016) — It is easy to forget now, but Pederson’s hiring was not a welcome one by Eagles fans, who felt he was an unqualified, worse version of Andy Reid. Pederson’s tenure got off to a great start, however, and it began with a convincing win in his first game. Pederson’s offense putting up 29 points with a rookie quarterback making his first start proved very early on how good he is at game planning and making sure his players are comfortable enough with what they are running to make it work. 

9. Eagles 24-19 over Giants (2016) — The Eagles’ players and coaches will tell you that the two-game winning streak to end the 2016 season helped them get off to a hot start in 2017. That winning streak started with a Thursday night win over the Giants, a team that was still in the playoff hunt and needed the win. The win over the Giants ended a five-game losing streak and was a sign that even when things weren’t going great, the players were going to show up and play hard for Pederson. 

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