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Eagles 2019 schedule: Game-by-game predictions

Eliot Shorr-Parks
April 17, 2019 - 8:06 pm

The 2019 Eagles’ schedule is here, which means it is time for one of the best days of the year — making the first win-loss prediction. 

Here is my initial prediction for the Eagles 2019 season now that their schedule is released:

Week 1: vs. Washington (1 p.m.): Opening up against Washington could be a gift for the Eagles, who beat Washington twice last season and have won four games in a row overall against the division rivals. The last time the Eagles opened the season against Washington? 2017, when they won the Super Bowl. Prediction: Win (1-0)

Week 2: at Atlanta Falcons (Sunday Night Football): The Eagles will be tested early against the Falcons, a team that wasn’t in the playoffs last season but should be in the race for a postseason bid this year. Traveling to Atlanta in prime time is going to be a challenge. Prediction: Loss (1-1)

Week 3: vs. Detroit Lions (1 p.m.): The Lions are one of the easiest teams on the schedule, which is good for the Eagles, since it is between two very tough games — and right before a short week on a tough road trip. Prediction: Win (2-1)

Week 4: at Green Bay Packers (Thursday Night Football): The Packers have a new head coach in Matt LeFleur, who last season as the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans put up 26 points against Jim Schwartz’s defense. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback now instead of Marcus Mariota, it would be surprising if LeFleur didn’t have the same success. Having this game on a short week is brutal. Prediction: Loss (2-2)

Week 5: vs. Net York Jets (1 p.m.): The Jets could surprise some people, but are still a very young team with a second-year quarterback in Sam Darnold and a new head coach in Adam Gase. It is hard to see them coming into Philadelphia and beating a veteran team like the Eagles. Prediction: Win (3-2)

Week 6: at Minnesota Vikings (1 p.m.): This game isn’t on Thanksgiving like was expected, but should still feel like a playoff game for the Eagles in Minnesota. The Eagles have owned the Vikings recently, keeping them out of the Super Bowl in 2017 and taking their playoff spot in 2018. On the road against an elite defense, it is hard to pick Carson Wentz to win this game. Prediction: Loss (3-3)

Week 7: at Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night Football): The Eagles lost twice to the Cowboys last season, but actually played better on the road in Dallas than they did at home. This game is going to be a huge one and could end up deciding who ultimately wins the division. Prediction: Loss (3-4)

Week 8: at Buffalo Bills (1 p.m.) This is a sneaky hard game against a team that could be improved. Still, the Eagles should be able to beat the Bills — even if it is the third-straight road game. Prediction: Win (4-4) 

Week 9: vs. Chicago Bears (1 p.m.): A rematch of last season’s playoff game, only this time, it will be up to Wentz to lead the Eagles to a win over an elite defense. This game being at home is a big break for the Eagles. Prediction: Win (5-4)

Week 10: BYE WEEK 

Week 11: Home vs. New England Patriots (4:15 p.m.): This is going to be the toughest game on the Eagles' schedule, and the Patriots coming off of a Bye Week will not make it any easier. We all know the Eagles beat the Patriots the last time these two teams faced off. This time around, however, Tom Brady gets his revenge. Prediction: Loss (5-5)

Week 12: vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sunday Night Football): The Seahawks are an underrated team and have a top-five quarterback. Most weeks, the team with the better quarterback will win. Russell Wilson is a better quarterback than Carson Wentz, who lost to Seattle in 2017. Prediction: Loss (5-6)

Week 13: at Miami Dolphins (1 p.m.): This is a great time to get the Dolphins, as they should be looking ahead to 2020 by the time this game comes around. The Eagles schedule gets a lot easier starting this week. Prediction: Win (6-6)

Week 14: vs. Giants (Monday Night Football): The Giants always play the Eagles tough, and nearly pulled off an upset in Philadelphia last year. Getting the Giants this late into the season is ideal, however, as they will almost certainly be looking ahead to 2020. Prediction: Win`(7-6)

Week 15: at Washington Redskins (1 p.m.): Another easy win for the Eagles, who are going to need them after a rough start to the season. Prediction: Win (8-6)

Week 16: vs. Dallas Cowboys (4:25 p.m.): This could be the week that decides if the Eagles make the playoffs. They have to win this game. Somehow, they will. Prediction: Win (9-6)

Week 17: At New York Giants (1 p.m.): If the Eagles need a Week 17 win to the make the playoffs, there aren’t many place better to go get it than right up the road at MetLife Stadium. Prediction: Win (10-6)

Overall: 10-6

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