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Eagles propose rule change to a Cowboys tradition

Eliot Shorr-Parks
March 22, 2019 - 8:53 am

Eagles' fans will love this. 

Each year, NFL teams get to submit potential rule changes for consideration. Usually they are about changing rules to the actual game, such as changes to the replay system or new ideas on things like kickoffs.

This year, however, the Eagles reportedly submitted a rule change that was aimed at taking away one of the Dallas Cowboys' most cherished traditions. 

Per Pro Football Talk:

"The league confirmed today that the Eagles submitted a proposal for a change in the league resolutions that would have seen the Lions and Cowboys continue to play on Thanksgiving each year, but to play on the road every other year. The text of the Eagles’ proposal read, “to continue the annual tradition of having Dallas and Detroit play on Thanksgiving, provided that one of those clubs host a home game with the other club playing away, and alternating home and away games each subsequent season.”

The proposal, however, was apparently withdrawn, likely because the Eagles knew it was not going to pass. 

The idea behind the rule change makes a ton of sense. By playing on Thanksgiving at home, the Cowboys and the Detroit Lions each get a guaranteed home game on Thursday, something no other team in the NFL gets. The Eagles have had to travel on Thanksgiving twice in the past five seasons, making a trip to both Detroit and Dallas. There was also a report that the Eagles will "likely" to play on Thanksgiving this season in Minnesota, and you have to wonder if this proposed rule change has something to do with that as well. 

Either way, you have to think that this first step by the Eagles is one that will eventually lead to some kind of change to the Thanksgiving day tradition. 

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