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Here is why Eagles didn't trade for Josh Gordon

Eliot Shorr-Parks
September 20, 2018 - 8:01 am

The Eagles' search for help at wide receiver has not been subtle over the last week. They have tried out multiple players. They signed three receivers to their practice squad. They signed veteran receiver Jordan Matthews. 

They also apparently looked into pulling off a trade for Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon. 

Speaking on the Go Birds podcast, NFL Insider Adam Caplan revealed that the Eagles did infact look into the possibility of trading for Gordon, but were hesitant to pull the trigger on a deal. 

“The reality is the information they had is they probably shouldn’t have got him. I don’t think they trusted the situation," Caplan said. "What they want was someone they knew could play right away and they could depend on.”

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It sounds like the sudden timing of Gordon's availability played a role in the Eagles' not being able to pull off a deal. 

“Had this been March or April when you didn’t have to play a game, they could have waited a little bit longer. If he will still around at the trade deadline, you could have said ‘we have six weeks of information on this kid, it is either yes or no.’ This thing got compressed after Josh had some really bad issues last week. The Browns were going to move him like yesterday’s news. He was going to be off the football team," Caplan said. "They announced they were going to cut him. My sense from talking to people is that they wanted information. They wanted to see where this is going. One of the things Howie Roseman does a great job of is gathering information. Even on a player he doesn’t want, or doesn’t know if he is going to get him, he wants to know what the compensation is. Because you store it in your information bank for when you are trading players or acquiring players.”

The reasoning for the Eagles showing interest in Gordon is not hard to figure out -- he has plenty of talent. Gordon has shown the ability to be a dominant receiver when he is on the field. The issue, however, is that he has played in just 11 games over the last four seasons due to multiple suspensions.

Considering the Eagles only had three healthy receivers on the roster prior to signing Matthews, the decision to go with a dependable veteran that knows the offense over taking a risk on Gordon is understandable. 

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