Howie Roseman on Jadeveon Clowney, LeSean McCoy

Eliot Shorr-Parks
September 03, 2019 - 10:00 am

Over the last two weeks the Eagles have been linked to two of the biggest names available — defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and running back LeSean McCoy. 

They passed on both. 

Speaking Tuesday morning on 94WIP with Angelo Cataldi on the Morning Show, general manager Howie Roseman gave a long, detailed, honest answer about why he passed on both — and dropped a nugget about a potential trade coming down the line. 

Here is Roseman’s full answer when asked about why they passed on both Clowney and McCoy:

“Every single person that is available, every player that is available, we look into. We have the discussions. It’s not like we sit there, see a pass rushing defensive end is available and we don’t pick up the phone and figure out what it is going to cost, don’t look into it and don’t spend a lot of time doing that. Same thing at the running back position. What is hard is, it goes to this saying we are talking about — we aren’t just trying to collect talent, we are trying to build a team. And with that, you can’t always have everything exactly that you want. Especially because we want to have a team that is not only competing for championships this season for sure, but also going forward. So you have to look at it and say, at some point, you have to let some players develop and play. You talk about the running back position, we drafted a guy in the second round in Miles Sanders, a guy that we are really excited about, but he has to go out there and prove it. He has to go show what kind of player he is. That running back spot, we are really excited about it. Jordan Howard has the third-most rushing yards in the NFL over the last three years. Darren Sproles looks healthy and rejuvenated. He has a role on this football team. And then Corey (Clement)…he may have been, if not for Nick Foles, MVP of the Super Bowl. He has a role on this team. He can play all four downs. That position we feel good about. And then at defensive end, you talked about a guy (Clowney) who is an incredibly talented player and certainly it is our job to make sure we look into that, but we have put a lot of resources into that position. We drafted Derek (Barnett), it goes without saying and you’ve heard it from a lot of people that we are excited about Derek and his opportunity on this field. We re-signed Brandon Graham, brought back Vinny (Curry). Really, it is important for one of these young guys as our fourth defensive end — we drafted two guys in the fourth round, Daeshon (Hall) was drafted in the third — those guys need to step up. If they don’t, we’ll address that at that time.” 

The message from Roseman was clear — the Eagles looked into both and decided against them because of the young players they have at both defensive end and running back. 

At running back, Roseman seemed to hint at the pecking order, talking about Sanders first, followed by Howard, Sproles and Clement. It is clear Sanders is going to have a major role in this offense. Howard, Sproles and Clement will all have specific roles in the offense. 

The real questions are at defensive end, and that is the position Roseman is really banking on the players he already has to make him look smart. The Eagles are counting on Barnett, Graham and Curry to carry the load at defensive end, with either Josh Sweat, Shareef Miller or Daeshon Hall stepping up as the fourth guy. 

What was really interesting in Roseman’s answer was the last line. If Sweat, Miller or Hall don’t step up, Roseman said he is ready to address that position if needed. Over the last two seasons, Roseman has made a trade at the deadline to bring in a significant piece — Jay Ajayi in 2017 and Golden Tate in 2018. 

Roseman passed on Clowney. If the young defensive ends don’t get the job done in the first half of the season, it sounds like he won’t pass on bringing in another veteran defensive end if needed. 

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