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Latest Eagles playoff chances after Cowboys latest loss

Eliot Shorr-Parks
November 29, 2019 - 8:42 am

The Eagles had plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving — and the Dallas Cowboys might be on the top of that list. 

The Cowboys are now 6-6 following their loss on Thursday to the Buffalo Bills, their third loss in their last four games. The Eagles are now just one game back, and can pull even at 6-6 this Sunday with a win over the Miami Dolphins. 

As a result of the Cowboys’ loss, according to FiveThirtyEight, the Eagles’ playoff chances are now at 50%, a 13% increase from last Sunday. The New York Times playoff predictor gives them a smaller chance of making the playoffs, at just 39%. 

There is no denying the team has bee frustrating to watch so far this season, but the reality is that with the Cowboys currently a mess, the team’s chances at the playoffs is still very much there. 

Here is an updated look at the team’s playoff picture after Sunday’s action around the league: 

NFC East: 

The Cowboys’ remaining schedule is not easy, especially with the Chicago Bears playing much better now than they were when the Eagles faced them earlier this month.

The Cowboys' remaining schedule looks like this: 

At Chicago (5-6)

Home vs. Los Angeles (6-5)

At Philadelphia (5-6)

Home vs. Washington (2-9)

Record of remaining opponents: 18-26

Games against the Bears and Rams a few weeks ago looked like wins for the Cowboys. Now? With how they are playing, it wouldn’t be surprising if they dropped both, and came to Philadelphia with a 6-8 or 7-7 record. The chances of 8-6 are now looking slim, which is great news for the Eagles. 

The Eagles’ schedule still looks favorable, especially with the Cowboys’ struggling:

Eagles Schedule: 

At Miami (2-9)

Home vs. Giants (2-9)

At Washington (2-9)

Home vs. Cowboys (6-6)

At Giants (2-9)

Record of remaining opponents: 14-42

The Eagles are officially out of the tough stretch of their schedule. It is possible that there isn’t a single playoff team on their schedule the rest of the way. The Eagles will get a chance to get rolling in the next three weeks, with games vs. the Dolphins, Giants and Washington, three teams that are a combined 6-27. All three of those absolutely have to be wins if the Eagles fall to the Seahawks.

If the Eagles go 3-0, they would enter the critical matchup with the Cowboys at 8-6. If the Cowboys, as mentioned above, enter the game at either 6-8 or 7-7, the Eagles would win the NFC outright with a win.

If the Eagles win in Week 16, and end the season with the same record as the Cowboys, the next tie breaker would be divisional records. If both teams win the games they are supposed to, they would each finish the season 5-1 in the NFC East, moving it to the third tie breaker.

The third tie breaker? Common opponents. The Eagles and the Cowboys have 12 games on their schedule against common opponents, including the division. The Eagles are 5-3 in the eight games they have played so far out of the 12. The Cowboys are 5-5 after their loss to the Bills. The Eagles remaining common opponent games are the Dolphins, Giants and Washington (twice). It is very possible, if the Eagles beat the Cowboys, they could win the tie breaker with a 9-3 record in common opponent games, with the Cowboys finishing 7-5. 

If they were still tied after the third tie breaker, the fourth tie-breaker would be record against teams in the conference. Picking the likely favorite in each game, the two teams would tied there as well, each at 7-3.

Wild Card:

A result of the loss on Sunday? The chances at the Wild Card are almost over. 

The Eagles are currently on the outside looking in at 5-6, trailing the Vikings (8-3) and Seahawks (9-2) by at least three games. They lost to both this season, which means they would lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to both. So to pass either they will need to finish a game ahead of them — which his going to be borderline impossible to do, even if both teams collapse. 

A look at the team's realistically still in the Wild Card hunt (using's current order): 

1. Seattle (9-2)

2. Vikings (7-3)

3. Los Angeles Rams (6-5) 

4. Chicago Bears (6-6)

5. Eagles (5-6)

6. Panthers (5-6)

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