List of QBs the Eagles could sign or get in a trade

Eliot Shorr-Parks
August 08, 2019 - 9:40 pm

The Eagles might need a new backup quarterback. 

Quarterback Nate Sudfeld suffered what seemed to be a serious wrist injury on Thursday night, and as a result, could be sidelined for a significant amount of time. 

If that is the case, the Eagles have two options — go with either Cody Kessler or rookie Clayton Thorson as the top backup behind Carson Wentz, or try to bring in a veteran from either the free agency market or another team. Finding a talented backup will not be easy, considering each team has at least three quarterbacks on their roster right now, and many have four. There just aren't many talented quarterbacks available. 

If the Eagles do decide to look for Wentz’s backup from another team, here are some options that might make sense. 

Sam Bradford: Let's start by stating the obvious -- Bradford is not good and this isn’t a name fans will want to hear. It might be the most realistic option. Bradford has spent time with the Eagles under head coach Doug Pederson and learned the offense prior to being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. He is obviously not a good solution for any team looking for a starter, as his knees don’t seem to be able to hold up over a full season. A veteran with plenty of experience, however, Bradford might be able to stay healthy long enough to fill in for Wentz should he go down. With the weapons the Eagles have, having a quarterback like Bradford — who at his best is an accurate, in the pocket player — might not be a complete disaster. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Dolphins would be wise to trade Fitzpatrick, as their best option to is simply start Josh Rosen and see where he can take them. Trading Fitzpatrick after signing him this offseason would essentially be buying a draft pick, as he would leave $5.5 million in dead money on their books, a number that isn’t terribly high. Fitzpatrick is without question the most talented quarterback the Eagles could potentially land, and has a big fan in receiver DeSean Jackson, who preferred him in Tampa Bay over Jameis Winston. The Eagles’ season wouldn’t be over if Fitzpatrick came in for an injured Wentz, something they couldn’t feel very confident saying with the other quarterbacks on this list. 

Colin Kaepernick: There is no denying the most talented quarterback on the open market is Kaepernick, who tweeted recently he wants to play. The question is whether the Eagles will seriously considering bringing him in. Owner Jeffrey Lurie is one of the most progressive owners in the NFL and likely wouldn’t have an issue with bringing in Kaepernick. There is no denying Kaepernick, fair or not, would be a distraction as the team signing him would be a national story and extend outside of just sports. After three years out of the NFL, however, there is an argument to be made that even though he is talented, he might have been out of the game too long to be a realistic option at backup. 

Josh McCown: McCown is retired, but he certainly didn’t leave the game because he had to, as he would have definitely gotten a job as a backup quarterback if he wanted one despite being 40-years old. McCown might be the perfect backup to Wentz. He would come in with no intention of winning the job or keeping the job, and has plenty of NFL experience. McCown has also shown he can play at a high level when he is on, and the idea of him winning games for the Eagles isn’t completely crazy. The question is whether McCown would want to come out of retirement, and his new job at ESPN, to backup Wentz. 

Brock Osweiler: Osweiler has a lot of qualities the Eagles like in quarterbacks, as he is tall and has a big arm. The issue? He might not be very good, a potentially very big issue if he was forced to play. Osweiler wouldn’t be the exciting option, but he wouldn’t carry any baggage and does has more career touchdowns (37) than interceptions (31) and has been in the playoffs. That isn’t saying much, but at this point, the options at quarterback on the free agency market are very slim. 

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