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Foles: Ranking potential trade partners for Eagles

Eliot Shorr-Parks
February 04, 2019 - 10:33 am

If the Eagles are indeed going to try to trade quarterback Nick Foles next month, they are going to need two key things to happen. 

First, they are going to need there to be multiple teams with a high level of interest. If only one-or-two teams have interest, pulling off a trade is going to be tough. 

Second, they are going to need Foles to cooperate. The Eagles can technically trade Foles against his will under the franchise tag (assuming he signs it), but no team is going to trade for an unhappy Foles for $25 million in 2019. 

Here is a look at where I think Foles should consider accepting a trade too — and where should he try to avoid

Team to target:

Giants: The Giants would be an ideal landing spot for Foles in many ways. First, he has a history with head coach Pat Shurmur. Foles had arguably his best season in the NFL with Shurmur as his offensive coordinator in 2013. Second, the Giants have better skill position players than the Eagles do, giving Foles plenty to work with once he got there. Finally, the Giants are in the division and not far from the Eagles — meaning Foles could stay local and get his shot at the team casting him aside twice a year. 

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Teams to consider:

Jaguars: The list of desirable destinations drops dramatically after the Giants. The Jaguars might be one year removed from the AFC Championship game, but they have completely fallen apart in the past year. The good news for Foles is that their defense is still among the best in the NFL, finishing fourth overall in points allowed. The issue is the offense. Foles would be an upgrade over Blake Bortles, but the skill position players on the Jaguars’ offense leave a lot to be desired. The Jaguars did hire former offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, however, which could entice Foles to agree to go Jacksonville. 

Broncos: Like the Jaguars, the Broncos already have a defense that would allow them to be competitive right away if the offense turned things around. The Broncos defense allowed just 21.8 points-per-game last season, which was 13th in the NFL, but just two points away from being in the top five. The Broncos are considered one of the top franchises in the NFL, and they would likely check off Foles’ “great culture” box he wants in a new team. The Broncos’ skill position players aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible either, especially if rookie Philip Lindsay proves next season he is indeed one of the best backs in the NFL. 

Raiders: The Raiders seem like a disaster from afar, and it is hard to imagine Foles being excited about heading to Oakland. The arrival of general manager Mike Mayock could change things quickly. Mayock is a big believer in Foles, and Foles has said time-and-time again he wants to be somewhere where the organization believes in him. With $69 million in cap space and eight picks in the first five rounds, the Raiders could turn things around quickly if Mayock comes in and does a good job. Oakland could also be attractive to Foles since they are on the West Coast, and close to where Foles spends parts of his offseason. 

Teams to avoid: 

Dolphins: Landing in Miami could be a disaster for Foles’ career. Not only are the Dolphins starting a rebuild, but they just hired a defensive-minded head coach in Brian Flores. The Dolphins do have some talent at wide receiver if Kenny Stills stays, and Foles could enjoy life in Miami, but on-the-field, playing for the Dolphins would be a disaster for Foles. 

Redskins: Foles is better off retiring than heading to play for Washington. Washington has very little talent on offense and are considered one of the worst organizations in the NFL. Foles should do everything he can to avoid landing in Washington next season. 

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