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Wentz is part of the problem for Eagles

Eliot Shorr-Parks
November 19, 2018 - 8:42 am

It is time to take the kid gloves off when it comes to discussing Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, because after Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints, one thing is very clear. 

At this point of this season, Wentz is a major part of the problem. 

There is no other way to put it after his showing against the Saints, a performance in which he completed just 19 of 33 passes for 156 yards, zero touchdowns and three interceptions. He had accuracy issues, he made poor decisions and he got nothing going against a defense the Eagles should have had their best game of the season against. 

Wentz managed to get the Eagles’ offense just 15 yards on their first three drives, with the third ending on an interception deep down the field. The pass, which was into double coverage, was badly underthrown and had no shot of being completed. After the game, Wentz said he misread the coverage, but it is hard to imagine the pass would have been completed even if receiver Nelson Agholor wasn’t doubled. 

Wentz also missed plays when they were there to be made. On the Eagles’ second drive of the game, Wentz had receiver Jordan Matthews open over the middle of the first on 3-and-four, but he put the ball too far and too high infront of Matthews. Although there is an argument to be made that Matthews was held on the play, Wentz’s inaccurate pass led to the flag not being thrown. 

Wentz’s frustration in his own performance showed on the sideline, as at one point he took his helmet and threw it at the bench following an interception. 

Fans likely wanted to do the same after watching him play the last two games, back-to-back losses in which Wentz has thrown four interceptions and his offense has averaged just 13.5 points.

The good news is that after the game Wentz took the majority of the blame for the offense’s struggles, and it is clear he knows he needs to play better for this team to turn things around. The even better news is that despite how ugly things look right now, Wentz has a golden opportunity to turn things around in a hurry. 

Despite standing at just 4-6, the Eagles are still only two games out of the division lead with six games to play. The NFL is a quarterbacks league, and that is especially true in the NFC East. In each of the last five seasons, the team that has had the quarterback with the best passer rating has won the NFC East. Overall, the team with that got the best overall quarterback play has won the division 10 of the last 12 seasons. 

Wentz might be struggling right now, but his 100.1 quarterback rating is still best in the NFC East after 10 games. Now that Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is done for the season, the three quarterbacks standing between Wentz and a trip to the playoffs are Dak Prescott, Colt McCoy and Eli Manning. 

Wentz gets to face each of them over the next three weeks, and even with his flawed and injured roster, beating out that trio is a task he should be up to if he wants to continue to be mentioned among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. 

It is up to Wentz to prove over the next five games that the praise that has been heaped upon him remains warranted. He has the talent to do it. Now it is time to see if he can deliver. 

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