Spike: Sixers should be worried about Joel Embiid

Eliot Shorr-Parks
February 11, 2020 - 12:53 pm

Rights To Ricky Sanchez co-host Spike Eskin joined the 94WIP Midday Show on Tuesday to discuss the latest drama surrounding Sixers center Joel Embiid. 

"It’s terrible," Eskin said. "It’s terrible that he feels like his only salvation to fix what he thinks is wrong, is to openly take a shot at the organization on Instagram. And he did it in his style, right? He’s always been a guy where you can’t quite tell whether he’s being serious or not, because he’s always being like this and there were jokes in it. When you look at the town that it’s in, it’s ‘All Love,’ and he uses funny hashtags and he’s just kidding. But when he’s openly talking on Instagram about going to another team with a player that he likes directly, that’s not about us."

The Embiid drama hit its peak on Monday night when Embiid went back-and-forth with Jimmy Butler over Instagram, an exchange that seemed to hint at him wanting to join the Miami Heat. 

"I know everyone is worried that fans and WIP can run players out of town," Eskin said. "If Joel Embiid wants to leave the Sixers it’s not because of fans. I have to tell you, I think the one reason that he has been happy here, or happy-ish over the last couple of year, is the fans—is the relationship between Joel Embiid and the fans. And this last week and this season has put that in jeopardy. And I think he is angry at the team for putting the thing that he truly loved, was the relationship between and the fans, in jeopardy.”The Instagram back-and-forth with Butler was just the latest in what has been a crazy week for Embiid. 

First, the Sixers suffered three-straight losses where Embiid struggled. Then, after hitting a three in a win, Embiid shushed the crowd and seemed to tell them to shut up. 

Finally, on Monday night, Embiid posted a picture on Instagram with the caption "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain", which seemed to be pretty about Embiid catching heat from fans recently. Butler then commented, "I know a place where villains are welcome", which seemed to be an invitation for Embiid to join him in Miami. Embiid’s response-- "Damn right my brother" -- was an interesting response to say the least.

The Sixers is that they get a chance to get back to basketball on Tuesday night when they face the Los Angeles Clippers. 

You can check out his full interview here: