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Jon Ritchie's 3 Eagles vs. Vikings thoughts

Jon Ritchie
October 13, 2019 - 10:22 am

1) The Vikings aren’t as good as they were supposed to be— but neither are the Eagles, YET: I believe the Eagles will get there.  We’re seeing positive signs, and for two years in a row now, we’ve witnessed this Philadelphia coaching staff honing teams into machines by December, while Minnesota’s problems aren’t about to get ironed out— things have gotten pretty complicated because the word’s out:

2) Kirk Cousins is stealing:  Those Vikings wide receivers know it and they’ve been frustrated this season by the limiting factor in their offense, their QB.

I really like Kirk Cousins as a cheerleader.  I really admire his work ethic.  But he is not elite, and Minnesota is paying him elite money.  Essentially, the guy’s living a lie, and the league is beginning to see cracks in the foundation of that offense.

Cousins blew me away as a college QB, but not so much for the way he played; rather, I was just perma-impressed by his maturity and his giftedness with words at the podium.  And he just seemed so mature and considerate.  All-American, except not in football terms.  He’s the guy I hope my daughter grows up to marry, but  I don’t want him as my quarterback.

The Vikings married Cousins to the tune of $28 million a year guaranteed, and they’ll try to stick it out for two more seasons.  

He really is amazing, when you think about it— the guy who was forced to bet on himself, season after season, with the Redskins, because that front office, for all its deficiencies, knew for a fact he wasn’t good enough to pay big money.  Cousins just kept working.  And leading.  And cheering.  Just seemed inexhaustible— the weak-armed engine that could.  Kirk thought he could, and he pulled off a modern miracle, signing the NFL’s first fully-guaranteed contract with an arm that’s not high-test-enough.  QBs don’t win in this league on intangibles alone.

I honestly feel sorry for Cousins right now.  He’s living a lie.  Getting paid like a star, but he doesn’t have the arm or the skills of a star.  He knows it, his teammates and coaches know it.  

Former teammate and current Eagle LB Zach Brown sure knew it this week.

At least we know the running back room appreciates their QB.  Carries all around.

3) More Brandon Graham as a defensive tackle this week, please:  Why not stick with what’s working?  And it’ll continue to work this week.  The Vikings interior o-line— guard, center, guard, has been bad.  Their rookie center gets beaten and gives up pressures galore.  Their left guard’s been bad and their right guard’s been hurt— didn’t practice this week.  So open the turnstiles for BG and, finally, Fletcher Cox.  Yes, this could be the week, folks, where Fletcher gets Fletchery.  And if that happens, Kirk Cousins will get all Cousiny, thereby giving this game away to its rightful owner.

I think this game’s gonna be rough right down to the wire.  A close one that Cousins will figure out how to lose.  And Fletcher will finally feast.