Carson Wentz

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Why the Seahawks will beat the Eagles

Jon Ritchie
November 24, 2019 - 7:44 am

The Eagles CAN beat the Seahawks.  I just don’t think they WILL.  Here’s three reasons why:

The biggest reason: Our offense is ill-equipped to take advantage of what everyone perceives to be the Seahawks biggest weakness.  Their secondary is nothing like what we’ve come to expect from a Seattle team.

They’re 29th-best at defending against the pass.  Their defensive coordinator, Ken Norton Jr., has zero faith in their DBs— to the point where he just says, “hell with it”, and goes old-school, base defense all the time.  He barely runs sub packages like nickel and dime.  Weird to see in today’s game.

Here’s the hitch— our wide receivers might be bad enough to make their defensive secondary look good.  It’s clearly possible the Seattle defensive staff has been so underwhelmed watching film of our WR ineptitude FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS WHILE ON THEIR BYE, that they’ve developed newfound faith in their own ability to play coverage.  They might actually try to spice it up a little and play some man.  They could get wild and crazy and actually pull linebackers like KJ Wright or Mychal Kendricks off the field on 3rd down, to give them a much-needed rest.  It will be interesting to see if they think we’re bad enough at getting open that they can generate some pressure on Carson Wentz by sending extra defenders and putting those crappy DBs in high-stress, coverage situations.  Bottom line— they won’t be crappy if our receivers are crappier.  

But seriously, why would they change?  Pete Carroll really doesn’t.  He wants to play zone behind a fast front that’s not overburdened with too much to think about.  They can get away with doing this against us.

And with the looming but sadly inconsistent threat of Carson actually tucking the ball and scrambling for 1st downs ever-present, it makes little sense for Seattle to play man and turn their backs on an athletic QB, just to try to generate some extra pass rush pressure on him.

Speaking of pass rush, enough with the “Howie did the right thing not dealing for Jadeveon Clowney” thing.  I’m weary with hearing, “Brandon Graham has more sacks”, and “Clowney’s not worth the headache”.  Also, please stop trying to convince yourselves Jadeveon will have an “off-game” because he’s not been practicing and on the injury report all week.

Exact same injury situation as before his epic 49ers performance two weeks ago.  Not practicing with knee and toe problems.  I promise, Clowney will turn it on against the Eagles, and he’ll wreck the game, just as he did vs. San Francisco, just as he did AGAINST THE EAGLES LAST YEAR WHEN HE WAS A TEXAN!

Philadelphia is one of the two ideal destinations Clowney said he wanted traded to!  You think for one second this guy’s not gonna go hog-wild at the Linc?  He views this game as a job interview with a team he actually hopes to play for.  The first-overall freak with limitless talent gets the opportunity to write his resume for the only other team in the NFL, beside the one he’s on, that he publicly stated he wanted to play for at the end of this past Summer.

Jadeveon Clowney will humiliate our offensive line.

Last reason the Eagles are doomed against the Seahawks— Pete Carroll is a better head coach than Doug Pederson.  We didn’t talk about this at all this week.  I recognize it’s blasphemous.  It’s the truth.

All that said, Seattle has enough deficiencies everywhere else that this one should be close and gritty, down to the wire— exactly the type of game that Russell Wilson thrives in and Carson Wentz hasn’t seen enough of (technically another reason).