PFF lead analyst explains why Wentz is so polarizing

Andrew Porter
October 09, 2019 - 12:09 pm

Carson Wentz is five games through his fourth NFL season and we're still arguing, even locally, about how good he is. 

In 2019, Wentz has had his ups and downs. He has an outstanding 10-2 TD-INT ratio and his team is 3-2, but his completion percentage is just 60.3-percent and the Eagles' passing attack has looked stagnant at times. Granted, Wentz hasn't had much help from his wide receivers, who have vastly underachieved as a unit. 

So the debate goes on. 

Speaking with NFL analyst Ross Tucker on Home and Home, lead Pro Football Focus analyst Sam Monson tried to explain the polarity of the Eagles' QB. 

"I think at his best he's a top five guy," Monson said of Wentz. "His thing is, the stuff that he's really good at is low percentage plays for most quarterbacks. It's always difficult to kinda get a read on those guys because it's really unsustainable. When he had his MVP caliber season he was absolutely ridiculous on third, fourth down. He was crazy deep down the field, it's the routine stuff—the stuff that Tom Brady and Drew Brees do in their sleep without thinking about, that's the stuff that he's less good at on a down to down basis. And the problem with that is, the third and fourth down stuff, the deep down the field stuff, the low percentage plays, those are way more volatile. They're way more likely to swing back against him on any given period, so it's very hard to judge whether he'll be able to sustain that long term."