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Justin Odendhal/Courier-Post via USA TODAY NETWORK

Chris Long calls Philly 'best sports city in America'

Andrew Porter
May 21, 2019 - 12:51 pm

Fan favorite, community difference maker, excellent defensive end, and all-around good guy Chris Long retired over the weekend. 

The 34-year-old spent the majority of his career in St. Louis with the Rams, won a Super Bowl in New England in 2016, and then another one in Philadelphia, spending his last two seasons as an Eagle. 

Long, in Peter King's "Football Morning in America," called Philadelphia the "best sports city in America."

“Going to Philadelphia, I felt I found a home," Long wrote. "Best sports city in America. But how different my situation was. I went from team captain with the Rams two years before that to winning the Super Bowl in New England to starting on the bottom in Philly. I was an average Joe. I was challenged. I learned how much being a team, being together, really means. We were a case study for whatever you believe. Either we were an anomaly or we proved you could do good things and win in pro sports. We happened to have guys who were good players who cared."

That's meaningful coming from Long, who went to high school in Charlottesville, Virginia and spent a season playing for the Patriots—a town that would certainly debate his claim about Philadelphia being the best sports city in the country. Long's father, of course, Howie Long, was born in Somerville, Massachusetts and played for Villanova. 

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In 2017, through his foundation, Long donated all of his game checks towards a campaign called "Pledge 10 for Tomorrow," to benefit educational charities. Last season, The Chris Long Foundation donated a quarter of Long's 2018 salary to launch the "First Quarter of Literacy" drive to increase early literacy in children. 

Long has maintained that he wanted the opportunity to be an impact player in 2019, something the Eagles could not offer him, so he elected to retire.