Carson Wentz and Chris Long

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Chris Long raves about Carson Wentz

Andrew Porter
August 21, 2019 - 8:49 am

To no surprise, 34-year-old now retired defensive lineman Chris Long is all in on Carson Wentz and his former team. 

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Long, who joined the Rich Eisen Show this week, talked about Wentz as quarterback and a leader and why he has so much confidence in the 2019 Eagles. 

"To me, I think the team to beat in the NFC East are the Eagles and I think it hinges on Carson," Long said on Tuesday. "Just as in Dallas, their chances hinge on Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott). Carson is the number one most important person in that building and they've added so many options offensively from the tight ends with (Zach) Ertz and even (Dallas) Goedert, to (Nelson) Agholor, (Alshon) Jeffery, DeSean (Jackson). Carson's ability to manager all those great personalities—they're all good guys, but people want the ball right? So his ability to kind of manage those touches, to be the field general there, and also their ability to commit to the run game. Because a lot of times you look at that roster, it's tantalizing. You're like, 'We're just going to air raid people and just throw the ball 40 times a game.' That tendency can be dangerous. So, commitment to the run game and then Carson's ability to manage all that, and also just not press and to be himself. Because he's got so many great abilities and he is an MVP caliber player, we saw in '17. There's no need to compete with Nick (Foles) or try to be anybody else, Carson is the man."

Long even touched on the article that came out after last season, sourcing anonymous players bashing Wentz's personality, and called it "B.S."

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"He's loved in that locker room," Long said of Wentz. "I know there was an article about him with some anonymous sources at the end of the year. I thought that was total B.S. and anybody that knows Carson knows that he is a first class human being and he's a leader. And (Josh) McCown is going to help a lot. So McCown in that quarterback room is going to alleviate some of the pressures on Carson to apply his leadership in the locker room."