Chris Long: If I officially retire, would be as an Eagle

Andrew Porter
June 23, 2020 - 10:09 am

Over his 11 year NFL career, two-time Super Bowl champion defensive lineman Chris Long spent just two seasons in Philly. Long, however, explained how he really connected with Philadelphia.

"Honestly I would have retired a Ram, but they moved to LA," Long said on his Green Light podcast this week, where he interview his father and Villanova graduate Howie Long.

"I'm not an LA Ram. I'm a St. Louis Ram. And to be honest, the team that I most associate with now is -- you know Boston I was there for a year, I loved a lot about that, but I didn't live in the city. I wasn't a big part of the community there. Fans are super supportive, but I didn't get to know them the way I know people in Philly. A lot of that was geography and I was just putting my head down and just there for one reason. And Philly, it was like the city just got a hold of me. If I ever do the official retire or something, I would probably do it as an Eagle. But I might just want to go back to St. Louis and pick my favorite dive bar and retire as a St. Louis Ram."

Long had 11.5 sacks in his two seasons with the Eagles, plus a couple of very big plays in the team's 2018 Super Bowl run. 

"I felt like you immersed yourself into that city, living downtown and being a part of it," Howie Long said of Chris' time in Philly. "I remember that night after the (NFC) Championship game, that was versus Minnesota? You made the big play, forces a flutter ball, interception returned for a touchdown and the game is over. I remember your mom and I were stuck. We couldn't get to our hotel. Honestly, it looked like the purge. You were a big, big part of that team."

Howie discussed Chris' transition from his one-year Super Bowl run with New England in 2016, to leaving for Philadelphia. 

"When you make the transition, you've got earn every ounce and every minute of playing time," Howie Long said. "To watch what you did through the course of that year...Going to Philadelphia and having the opportunity to turn it loose to a great extent at a position that you're used to playing and watching the number of big plays that you made to contribute, and particularly late in games, was so much fun to watch."