The Eagles need to bring in Dez Bryant

John Barchard
November 05, 2019 - 9:58 am

Passing on Josh Gordon is still a bit of a head scratcher, not putting DeSean Jackson on IR might also harm the scalp, and when the trade deadline came there was no fire power.

None of that can be changed and I know everyone will groan over most of the WRs off of the scrap heap. 

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But there is one name for me that I do think will help out more than any JJ Nelson type and it’s our old friend Dez Bryant.

I am definitely not here to throw up an X and I certainly know that bringing in a former Cowboy to ride on in to the Birds nest never works out (although Orlando Scandrick could be responsible for turning the season around). But if we are being honest with ourselves, he is the only one that would actually have a chance to make a difference. The ego might not be gone, but after signing with the Saints last season, Bryant seemed quite comfortable in taking a back seat to be a part of a winner. 

“I’m way better than I was before I went to the Saints last year…mid-October is when I’m going to try and get back in the league.” Dez Bryant told that to NFL Network’s Jane Slater in August. 

Workout videos can always be deceiving but Bryant does look really good for a guy who turned 31 just yesterday, and despite a rocky ending in Dallas, he is the only playmaker on the free agent market that could actually help Carson Wentz. He's also not as uncontrollable as Antonio Brown. He’s an exceptional route runner, way more athletic than Alshon Jefferey, and he would be a huge asset if there is anything left to squeeze out of what has been a great career of overall.

Don’t tell me that Jordan Matthews would bring the same thing. Don’t tell me Kelvin Benjamin has stopped eating Oreos. And don’t tell me about a speed receiver who has averaged 198 yards a season. Bryant is it. If he’s as healthy as he looks, he would be the best WR3 option to help this Eagles team win the division.