Jason Kelce responds to Khalil Mack's complaint

Andrew Porter
November 07, 2019 - 9:02 am

The Chicago Bears committed four offsides penalties in their loss to the Eagles last Sunday and pass rusher Khalil Mack complained after the game about Eagles center Jason Kelce illegally moving the ball, deceiving the Bears. 

Kelce responded to Mack's comments on Thursday's 94WIP Morning Show. 

"Well, they obviously were saying something to the officials leading up to the game," Kelce said. "I think the game before in Buffalo, it was a very windy game. So the ball was, even when I was coming up to it, it was rolling around because of how windy it was. So the ball was kind of all over the place in that game.

"Before the game the referees came up to me and they were yelling at me to make sure I did not move the ball. So quite frankly, that was probably the least I ever moved the ball in a game and I think these guys are just trying to make excuses.

Kelce says Mack, nor any of the Bears, said anything directly to him. 

"Nobody really said anything directly to me, it was more just to the refs. 

"Don't get me wrong, I think there's little tricks of the trade that veteran players use and what not, and I'm not going to say I haven't done something like that in the past," Kelce explained. "But it is actually very odd that this is the only game where I didn't move the ball and we got them to jump offsides four times—not the only game, but the refs were on me before the game even started. So obviously Chicago was nervous about it. I think it may have been in their heads more than it was actually something going down on the field. Those guys, they're searching for answers and if it helps him cope with it mentally, sure I moved the ball."

Angelo Cataldi also asked Kelce about the loss of DeSean Jackson—who was placed on injured reserve earlier this week—and the subsequent move to bring back Jordan Matthews. 

"We've kind of seen (the impact of not having him on the field)," Kelce said. "He's a tremendous play maker. The deep threat ability is second to none, and that opens up things. Having said that, this is the way the NFL works. We've been no stranger to injuries."

"We know what Jordan is," Kelce said of Matthews. "He's an incredible all around receiver. He's been a great possession receiver for us in the past. He's older, he's got some leadership abilities. Doesn't really get as rattled."