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Uram: No need to fret over Eagles QB uncertainty

Dave Uram
August 09, 2018 - 8:36 am

“Are you playing Week One or not,” a reporter asked Carson Wentz at Eagles training camp Tuesday, the last practice available for media to attend before Thursday’s pre-season opener against the Steelers.

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“We’ll see,” Wentz politely responded. “I mean you know the goal. Same thing. Probably just put what I said the last couple of times on repeat right now. “

The Birds aren’t faced with a quarterback controversy. Instead, it’s “quarterback uncertainty.”

The mystery of Wentz 2018 is something Philadelphia started discussing only weeks after the Super Bowl, and maybe even less.

Now, with under a month to go before September 6th, those who follow the team continue to possess absolutely no clue as to who will be under center when the defending champion Eagles and Atlanta Falcons kick off the NFL season.

You may think you know, but you’re only speculating.

Either he plays or he doesn’t.

A couple weeks ago, this writer stupidly opined on WIP during an overnight show that it would serve Carson Wentz well to take at least one hit during the pre-season to see how his surgically repaired knee would react.

At that point, he participated in most of four training camp practices, including 11-on-11 drills with pads.

However, Wentz became limited the day after two large defensive linemen came close to sandwiching the most important person in Philadelphia sports.

The third year signal caller took part in no team drills the last eight practices, despite looking and feeling good.

“Without a doubt it’s tough to just sit there and watch,” Wentz said. “I did it all last offseason (and) now kind of getting your feet wet, but kind of going in and out, it’s not what I’d like, but I’m making the most of it as we go here.”

Head coach Doug Pederson is doing an award winning job of finding new ways to say the same thing, while vehemently denying any setback or issue.

“Probably keep going the way we’re going,” Pederson said. “He’s progressing extremely well. He’s getting stronger every single day. The 7-on-7 reps that he’s getting are valuable reps. It’s all part of the process.”

The Eagles want to keep Wentz in a “controlled environment.” Pederson said he saw what he needed to see when Wentz was a full go early in camp.

If that’s the case, one can assume all the Eagles would need to do is say he’s cleared and they’re just playing it safe.

But, they aren’t saying that. He isn’t cleared for contact, precious reps are being lost and as the regular season opener gets closer, the question mark looming over the Novacare Complex grows larger.

When asked what the doctors and Pederson need to see for Wentz to get back in 11-on-11 sets, Wentz sounded confident he checked off plenty of boxes already.

“I think I’ve shown what I need to show them,” Wentz said. “I think now it’s kind of a timetable (of) docs feeling comfortable with things and that’s ultimately their call.”

Whether you own a medical degree or not, would you want to be the physician responsible for possibly letting Philadelphia’s most prized athlete enter the scrum of football too early?

Would you want to be the person who tells a 25-year-old kid so incredibly determined to return for Week One, after watching his team win his championship on the sideline last season, that his hard work is going to fall short of his goal?

That job may be harder than quarterbacking an NFL team.

Now, it’s quite possible the Eagles are pulling your strings. The World Champs may be the best poker player at the table, making you think they’re carrying three of a kind instead of a royal flush.

Or, it might be the opposite. What you think is a royal flush might actually be two pair.

Only time will tell, and now that period includes the latest news that priceless insurance policy Nick Foles somehow developed a case of muscle spasms around his neck, forcing him to watch the last three practices.

“Nothing crazy,” Foles said. “I know you all are wanting to go in every which direction. It’s going to be fine. Keep going. Next question.”

Drew Rosenhaus would be proud.

Foles missed the last three practices avoiding contact entirely so far this preseason wearing the red practice jersey.

One would think the Birds are playing it safe with the Super Bowl MVP. But Foles, naturally guarded, wouldn’t answer whether he could play through this minor injury if it were the regular season.

“That’s a hypothetical situation,” Foles said. “I’ll address that if it ever comes to be. Right now we’re in training camp. We’re getting ready for this pre-season game.

“As a football player, I will say this. As an athlete you’re always always have nicks and bruises and different things going on that you play through. That’s part of being an athlete. There’s also a time for everything. This is a time where you want to be smart. I want to be out there and play, but I also know like what’s best for the team? Well, me getting to be 100 percent.”

Last season the team took it easy with new wide receiver Alshon Jeffery during the pre-season, and he turned out just fine. In fact, he ended up playing with a torn rotator cuff.

The Eagles know what they’re doing. Pederson knows how to handle situations like these. It’s hard to believe a team that dialed up so many successful fourth down plays to win a championship wouldn’t make the right call with their quarterback conundrum.

In the meantime, the phone lines will continue to light up, renowned physicians not working with Wentz will give their opinions on WIP and Philadelphia will continue to speculate and attempt to solve the next chapter in the Eagles title defense.