Gabe Kapler vs. Angelo Cataldi

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Kapler, Cataldi exchange jabs in Kingery debate

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
August 15, 2018 - 10:00 am

Last week, the 94WIP Morning Show's Al Morganti demanded that the Phillies send the slumping Scott Kingery down to the minors to get more at-bats. 

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On Wednesday, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler dueled with Angelo Cataldi regarding this issue. 

Angelo: "I did not like what happened, where you guys ended finagling (Zach) Efflin to end up going down to the minors but remaining available for Thursday's double-header. Wouldn't it have been better to send Kingery down just to get him some at-bats before the rosters expand in September?

Kapler: "Why didn't you like the move? What about it didn't sit well?"

Angelo: "I've been a big Kingery fan and he looks lost to me right now and I think it would help him to go down and get some confidence back."

Kapler: "Did you think last night when we ran...and Kingery got three or four great jumps and stole that base for us. If Kingery steals that base, we hit a ground ball up the middle last night, Kingery scores, we end up walking them off and winning that game. Do you feel differently? By the way, we still have Zach Efflin making all of his starts. So we have Kingery plus Zach Efflin. Now do you feel differently?"

Angelo: "No, I'll tell you why, because I really want Kingery to get back to what Kingery can do. You're assessing him. What's going on?"

Kapler: "Let's keep talking about this. So you would rather have Kingery in Triple-A, lose a game to the Boston Red Sox—this division is gonna come down to one game. You would rather have us lose the division over one game because you think Kingery is struggling and that's better."

Angelo: "No, because you lost last night anyway, it didn't matter that he was a pinch runner."

Kapler: "No, but you have to put yourself in position to win every single night, to give yourself a chance. Kingery on second base, we had a chance to win last night's game. A (different) runner on first base, we have a smaller chance to win last night's game."

Angelo: "You would have played it differently and you would have saved (Roman) Quinn, because Quinn is just as good if not a better runner than Kingery."

Kapler: "Then we wouldn't have had a leadoff hitter in the 6th inning."

Angelo: "Then I would have used Kingery to hit or I could have used (JP) Crawford there."

Kapler: "Wait, wait, wait. Kingery is off the roster Angelo!"

Angelo: "So I'm gonna use Crawford there."

Kapler: "Crawford is off the roster too because we have an extra reliever!"

Angelo: "So who do I have off the bench? Let me see who my options are."

Kapler: "No, you don't Angelo and that's the point. You have the weapon to use (in Kingery) and you have Zach Efflin."

Angelo: "I understand that. Now I have a 24 million dollar pinch runner. I'm paying the kid 24 million, he's not giving me what I thought he would, now I'm just using him as a pinch runner. Isn't that going to restrict his development Gabe?"

Kapler: "Great point. He's had over 300 plate appearances, over 300 at-bats of development at the Major League level. At this point he's not a second baseman. He is a shortstop that can play second base, that can play third base, that can play the outfield. He's making swing adjustments, he's getting more linear toward the pitcher. There has been a ton of development for Scott Kingery this year. Now he can be used a weapon off of the bench."