Gabe Kapler

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Kapler: Discipline happens behind closed doors

Andrew Porter
August 02, 2018 - 9:36 am

For some reason, Gabe Kapler is receiving criticism for being overly positive. Go figure. Some of Philadelphia's "hard-hitting" fans and media want Kapler to be harder on his players and come down on them when they make mistakes. 

And especially, stop praising them for their average—or even sometimes, below-average, games. 

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Kapler was asked about this by Angelo Cataldi on Thursday's 94WIP Morning Show and had the perfect explanation. 

"I get it, I get it. Angelo, I know that you and I know that are fans are very passionate," Kapler said. "Part of the passion extends to wanting to privy to everything that happens, including discipline. Unfortunately, that's just not the way people work best, I think you'll understand this. If you want to raise the bar for one of your colleagues from the station, you're not gonna do it at a client dinner. And if you need to talk to your kids about disappointing report cards, you're not gonna wait for the neighborhood block party to do so. 

"I, and our entire staff, are very comfortable having hard conversations with players when necessary, we never stop raising the bar for our men. However it will always be done with respect and consideration and it will happen behind closed doors. My job is motivate players to perform well. I don't believe that players perform well when publicly criticized. I don't think it will help us win more baseball games and above all else, our fans expect me to do what I believe will help us win more baseball games."