Gabe Kapler

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Kapler remains positive: 'Chip and a chair'

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
September 19, 2018 - 11:42 am
Categories: gives the Phillies a 4.1 percent chance to win the NL East. 

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They're not done yet. 

"It feels pretty good," Gabe Kapler told Angelo Cataldi when asked about still being in the playoff hunt.

"We're also realistic, but for the most part—one of the things we say is we have a chip and a chair. Which means we have an opportunity to continue to win baseball games and put ourselves in a position where these games in Atlanta are especially meaningful. That feels good."

The Phillies have 12 games left: 1 vs. NYM, 4 @ ATL, 4 @ COL, and 3 vs. ATL

The Braves has 12 games left: 1 vs. STL, 4 vs. PHI, 3 @ NYM, 3 @ PHI

The Braves currently hold a 5.5 game lead over the Phils. Kapler did not have a specific number in mind, in terms of games back, that he wanted to get to. 

"I fully understand and appreciate why that's on the mind of Philadelphia fans," Kapler said when asked how many games back he hoped to be.

"I don't think there is a specific number. Like I said, as long as we are in it, that's enough becuase we feel like we have the talent in this room, in the clubhouse, to make a good run."