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Kapler: I've made adjustment to show more emotion

Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
April 03, 2019 - 9:33 am

Two pitches after Bryce Harper took Shane Carle deep in the Phillies' opening series against the Braves, clean-up hitter Rhys Hoskins was drilled on the left shoulder. Gabe Kapler didn't like it one bit, but in last year he may have kept it to himself. This year, he admitted publicly that it he was "pissed."

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Showing more emotion is an adjustment that the second-year manager has made to start the 2019 season. 

"Yeah, it's an adjustment I had to make," Kapler said on Wednesday's 94WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi. "Part of me wanted to be a manager that was completely stoic that never showed the emotions, but I had them. I had the anger, I had the disappointment, I had the enjoyment when things were going really well when we were first place in the middle of the summer (last year). But what I set out to do was kind of be unemotional and a little bit stoic and I just don't think that was who I was, and I don't think it played particularly well. So, from my standpoint this year, is when I feel the anger—like I did when those balls were going underneath Rhys Hoskins' chin. Just talk about it a little bit, just share it. This pisses me off, this bothers me, and that's OK."

The Phillies are 4-0 and teams around the league have taken notice. Bryce Harper already has three home runs and his bat flips and handshakes have been on full display. Kapler says this new-school style is good for the game. 

"I think it's so commonplace around the game now, Angelo," Kapler said. "Certainly, the more successful you are, the more celebrations you have, the more likely it is that other clubs come after you. But I really do think it's commonplace around the league. I'm curious to get your thoughts on that. There's more celebrations, there's more emotion being shown. Like I said, handshakes are not unique to the Philadelphia Phillies. What's your take on it?"

"The fans love it," Cataldi said. "Gabe, the thing is, we know from the calls we're getting that the fans absolutely love it. That's part of the showbiz element of baseball today. I think they really enjoy it."

"I think so too," Kapler responded. "And I actually think it's really good for the game of baseball. It's not to say that the Matt Williams style of hitting a home run of putting your head down and sprinting around the bases isn't cool and I think there's ways that we can appreciate that as well. But rather than calling out all of the differences, right? Matt Williams does it that way, Bryce Harper does it another and saying one is better than the other. Why not just say, hey they're both great. They both make our game unique and both should be celebrated."

The Phillies are back at it on Wednesday at 1:05pm to finish their two-game set at the Nationals. Listen on 94.1 WIP-FM.