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Kapler: Not winning NL East will be 'unsatisfying'

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Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team
September 05, 2018 - 9:49 am

The Phillies trail the Braves by three games in the National League East with 24 games to play, seven of which are against Atlanta. 

Gabe Kapler was asked on Wednesday's 94WIP Morning Show if the team does not win the division, would he consider the season a success?


"I think that's a really fair question," Kapler told Angelo Cataldi. "Our mission as you know is to win the National League East. I guess I'll be very direct—anything less than that will be unsatisfying. But success, and you're bringing up that word. Success is measured in many ways and there have already been a ton of successes—there's been plenty of stumbles, but there have been many of successes. And I don't think, no matter what happens, that when we slap a label on the season and label it one way or another."

The Phillies' first of seven against Atlanta this month is on September 20th. At that point, the Phillies will have 11 games left with seven against the Braves. Where does Kapler want to be at that point?

"I'm not even thinking about it that way," he said. "I believe that we're gonna be much closer than that. I think there's a chance that we're gonna be out in front when that series starts. I'm just not thinking about it like, 'Oh we have to get to this number.' It's not how my brain works. I don't think it makes sense for me to be inauthentic and force it to work that way."

Kapler is confident that a string of wins is coming. 

"We were a talented team in first place on July 31st," Kapler said. "We've gotten considerably more talented with the additional pieces that Matt (Klentak) has added for us and I believe that gelling, that chemistry is coming. When that chemistry lines up with the talent, that's when you rattle off a lot of wins. I have no worries that, that is coming."