Howie Long

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Howie Long going after Jon Marks is phenomenal

Andrew Porter
January 11, 2019 - 10:14 am

Oh, this was good. 

NFL analyst and father of Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long, Howie Long, joined the 94WIP Marks & Reese show on Thursday.

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Jon Marks asked Long the typical question you ask all analysts: Who ya got in the game? Well, Long's response was hilarious. 

Here's the full conversation:

Jon Marks: "Can you give us a lean on the game on Sunday?"

Howie Long: "You talking about Philadelphia, New Orleans? 

Marks: "Yes"

Long: "There's like DEFCON 5 of dumb questions, that's DEFCON 5."

Marks: "Why is that a dumb question?"

Long: "Well because, who do you think I'm picking?"

Marks: "Well there's Howie Long the dad, there's Howie Long the analyst."

Long: "No, Howie Long the dad is Howie Long the dad. That's kind of the way I look at things. I can't separate the two. And I think the teams that are playing against a team that my son's on, understood that. Blood is very important to us."

Marks: "Well it is to me, too, but anyway...thanks Howie!"

Long: "You have kids?"

Marks: "I have two young kids, yes I do."

Long: "You have a son?"

Marks: "I have two daughters."

Long: "Let's say down the road she's on the U.S. soccer team and she's over in Europe playing in the World Cup, I'll call you—hopefully I'm still broadcasting at the time. I'll call you and ask, who you picking this week?"

Marks: "I may pick against her, you never know."

Long: "Stop it!"