Roseman talks Hopkins, Alshon, and Eagles WRs

Eliot Shorr-Parks
March 26, 2020 - 11:01 am

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman knows fans are worried about the team’s receiver position. He hears the panic. He also understands. 

Speaking on the team’s website in a video posted Thursday morning, Roseman answered questions about where the team currently stands at receiver, what their plan is, what is going on with Alshon Jeffery and why they have sat out trades for players like DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs. 

Here is what Roseman had to say: 

On the receiver position: 

“It is hard to do everything in free agency. It is hard to fix every single thing that you want to fix in one free agency period. Listen, let’s be transparent around it — we need better play from that position. There is no doubt about it. I can’t sit here and say it isn’t on our minds. But as we look at where we could put our resources in free agency, and making decisions, some of them were tough decisions. There were opportunities that we looked at and dove into and decided to go in a different direction.”

“As we look at our receiving group, I think it is important that we note — one, we have a lot of time before we play our first game. Two, also, we have some players coming back that we do think highly of and that we do think can contribute to our football team, have done that and been good players. Sometimes I think in the discussions we just kind of look at the moment in time when we were playing in the playoffs or those last four games and what was on the field there, but our goal isn’t to have those guys only competing for jobs and raising the talent level. We have a lot of time here, and we will look at every opportunity to improve the team, and we also have guys that are in that rotation that are on our roster that we do think highly of and that we do think are going to be huge additions and help our team next year”

On Alshon Jeffery:

“I think that when we talk about Alshon, somethings that people don’t get see that we get to see on a daily basis is this guy wants to win World Championships in Philly. He has told me on multiple occasions including recently how much he wants to win for our fans and for our city. He has had those same conversations with other people in the building. It is important for him to be a Philadelphia Eagle and to work hard. He understands where people feel about him right now, and he is not feeling sorry for himself, he is working to try to remind people what kind of player that he has been for our football team. The priority for Alshon is to get healthy. He needs to get healthy. I think that just talking to our PR staff and hearing the narrative of Alshon, Alshon is a good player. I think we lose sight of that a little bit. The things that he can do when healthy. The toughness that he has shown to try to bring a championship to our city, which he helped obviously.”

On DeSean Jackson:

“DeSean is a guy who is incredibly motived to show our city and to show our fans how important it is for him to win and to show the skill level we know he still has in his body. It is incredibly unfortunate what happened to him. He played in that first game at a superstar level. For us, with our new training staff, with our new strength staff, I think we have a good play for DeSean and how to maximize his potential and his difference making ability. I know he is working right now. At the end of the season he was in our building working when he could be, working hard, he has a chip on his shoulder and obviously we are big fans of his and his talent level.”

On DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs and other big-name receivers who have either been traded or signed in free agency:

“I don’t know that I can name a player that has been traded in the last few years that we haven’t been in the mix on or had a discussion on. I don’t say that to pat ourselves on the back, I just think that is the nature of our job to know what is going on out there. I think that we are trying to balance our resources and what we think already we already have out there. Again, we are not sitting here saying we are 100/100 on decision making, we have not been perfect on that. But I think our batting average is pretty good. I think when we looked at it, and looked at some of the decisions, we knew that these were really good players who were getting traded. Could we do it? Yeah, we can do anything, but what are the ramifications for that and then what are the solutions if we go this direction as opposed to the solutions at other positions. Those are hard to balance, we try to do our best in those and try to have those honest conversations, and again we will see how it plays out over the next couple years. 


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