Rhys Hoskins hugs Carlos Santana

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With the Phillies season over, Joe Giglio thanks you

Joe Giglio
October 01, 2018 - 12:19 pm

Teams that finish around .500 are usually forgettable. The 2018 Phillies didn’t fit that description.

Frustrating. Intriguing. Forward thinking. Different. New. Head scratching.

All those words come to mind, as does this one: Passionate.

That last one is about you, our interactions and the end of what’s been a season of Phillies talk, dialogue and much debate. With the MLB regular season in the books and the Phillies headed into a critical winter, my nights on the 94WIP Evening Show (more on that in a bit) won’t consist of Leading Off and Final Out for a while. That means the back-and-forth on analytics (still really important!), Gabe Kapler (still a good manager!), Carlos Santana (still a good player!) and Matt Klentak (jury is still out on him) will slow a bit.

But before we dive all-in on Eagles talk and get ready for the Sixers and Flyers, I wanted to say thank you. Thanks for the passion. Thanks for caring. Thanks for listening. Thanks for challenging me when you think I’m wrong.

The Phillies matter again, and that’s shown in how many of you listened to the games and everything around the games this season. And it’s clear to me based on in-game and post-game interaction. That, more than wins, losses or takes gone right/wrong, made this season fun and anything but forgettable.

Now to what’s next.

Up next for the Phillies: The most important offseason in the team’s history. Yes, it’s that big. With special and rare free agents (Bryce Harper, Manny Machado) available, a glut of young players to decide on, and potential blockbuster deals to be made (don’t be shocked if Mike Trout rumors start if the best player in the sport declines a contract extension), the hot stove will give us a ton to talk about all winter. The next five-to-10 years of Phillies baseball will be shaped this winter, so expect some takes along the way.

Up next for me: The return of the Evening Show (6-10p) on a full-time basis. Be there Tuesday-Friday evenings at six (we have The Brandon Graham Show, Player’s Lounge and Monday Night Football on Monday’s throughout the NFL season). Plus, I’ll be part of our Eagles pregame coverage each week, recording Me and Giglio Down By the Schoolyard episodes and contributing to The Art of The Take (subscribe ASAP).​