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Phillies, Klentak should up offer to Harper now

Andrew Porter
February 12, 2019 - 10:24 am

Joe Giglio made the case, during his show on 94WIP on Monday evening, that it's time for the Phillies "to stop being cute and blink," in regards to Bryce Harper. 

"I think they've played it well so far, but there comes a point when you play this game of chicken where someone has to blink," Giglio said of Matt Klentak and the Phillies on Harper. "And when you the rumors coming out of San Francisco, you have the fact that Spring Training starts Wednesday for pitchers and catchers and next week the full squad is there.

"At some point the Phillies are going to have to either say this is our offer, or they have to increase it."

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Here are four reasons why the Phillies need to act now, according to Giglio. 

1. Do not dismiss the Giants

Giants were always a real threat. They were talked about as one of the most likely landing spots when the offseason began, so the smoke coming out of there now shouldn't be dismissed as nonsense.

2. Machado to the White Sox?

The Machado to the White Sox noise is getting louder. If Machado is getting close to signing with the White Sox, the Phillies game of leverage will disappear. 

3. Late Spring Training players have struggled

Players that have come into camp late recently haven't performed well. Jake Arrieta, Mike Moustakas are two recent examples. Get it done now, so Harper can have a true spring training.

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4. Awkward Spring in Clearwater 

This will hover over the entire camp when the full squad arrives, and can't help the development of Nick Williams (out of a job if Harper arrives) or Maikel Franco (out of the job if Machado arrives).

The emotionless strategy got them far, but it might not close the deal. Pretending to not have a preference has worked to the point of the Phillies not bidding against themselves, but it's time to actually show Harper there's a pulse here and how much the team (and fanbase) wants this guy. Sweeten the pot, show a sense of urgency and don't let him fall in love with someone else. 

Listen to Giglio explain further below.