BBWTWB: A deep dive into traveling by air and train/Health Report: condoms/Titanic II/Guy sues haunted house for being too scary/NFL picks

The Brian Haddad Podcast
Wednesday, October 24th
Episode 70! Why no new episode last week? Blame the cable guy. Battle had a problem with TSA. Shocking. Brian unwillingly became a SEPTA employee over the weekend. Health report: a better condom that lasts 1000 thrusts.....1000???!! A female police sergeant who shoved her panties into her subordinate's mouth yelling "they're f**king clean!!!". Wow. The Titanic II is going to sail the exact same route and everyone is saying "would you?". Ugh. A guy is suing a haunted trail for being too scary. This is 2018. Didn't win Mega Millions? No problem! Make money with our world famous NFL picks!