BBWTWB: School is easy as hell in 2018/Why a sense of "time" is precious/Date night disasters/Dudes who watch fights then think they can fight/NFL Picks

The Brian Haddad Podcast
Wednesday, October 10th
Episode 69! Yes, 69 dude. Are we immature? Most likely. The twitter shoutout leads to the most wormhole discussion starting with CBS Sunday Morning's sun logo to why school in 2018 must be so damn easy. I know, but stay with us on this one. If anyone has kids, how do they not just copy and paste everything from the internet for their homework?!!  Damn back in our day....... Battle tried to go on a pumpkin patch picking date. It turns out as you'd expect. Having a good sense of "time" might be the most valuable asset in a partner. Brian watched Conor McGregor fight and fights broke out in the bar between some morons. Shocking. Battle saw Limp Bizkit last weekend. What's up 1999?! And our world famous NFL picks!