BBWTWB: Star Wars "order 66"/Ruining corporate lunches/Bees are the worst/Wait, "Lawnmower Parents" are the worst/Red Sox banner hostage crisis/NFL picks

The Brian Haddad Podcast
Thursday, September 20th
Episode 66! Which leads to a dive into the Star Wars "order 66". Kill all the Jedi. What were the other orders? It's #NationalPepparoniPizzaDay. Battle stole bread to make pizza. WTF. If all the bees die, the Earth dies. That being said. Bees suck. "Lawnmower Parents" are the new thing. And they really suck. 2 guys from Boston held a Red Sox title banner hostage and it couldn't have been more "Boston". And our world famous NFL picks for week 3! No waggering please