BBWTWB: What's the deal with college towns?/Immediate takes on Bryan Colangelo's exit/Eagles vs Trump/Bikinis

The Brian Haddad Podcast
Thursday, June 7th
Episode 54! Brian and Battle start with an insane argument about the definition of a "college town". People in Battle's condo building thinks he's playing music too loud. Battle explains what he does at home. Basically nothing. Brian tells a story of going to court in college to fight a citation for playing loud music. Sixers finally bounce Bryan Colangelo because of burner Twitter accounts. They discuss how your marriage can survive your wife's "betrayal". The Eagles vs Trump is the biggest fake outage story ever. Brian launches a new initiative to stop fake outrage. Battle adds a nice addition to this platform of course. Brian thinks Miss America getting rid of the bikini portion is the most contrvied story of the year. LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE