Ike Reese

Andrew Porter
Monday, July 9th
Ike Reese, 44, spent seven seasons as a Philadelphia Eagle (1998-2004) and two as an Atlanta Falcon (2005-2006), earning himself Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in 2004 during Philadelphia's NFC Championship season. Ike is one of the all-time greatest players to ever play for Michigan State. Now, he has transitioned into one of the more prominent media personalities in Philly, as a co-host of the 94WIP Marks & Reese show (Mon-Fri, 2-6pm). But all of Ike's success did not come without a bit of turmoil. Ike talks about the time he dropped out of high school, when he almost quit playing college football as a freshman, and how becoming a father at age 18 changed everything on this episode of Wired This Way. (Recorded on June 14th, 2018).