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The Art of the Take

For takesmen, by takesmen. The Art of The Take is an audio workshop to talk
about the best takes, the worst takes, and everything in between. Hosted by
Spike Eskin, Joe Giglio, Jack Fritz, and more.
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Art of the Take 94WIP

Need A Vibe Check On Jimbo McThirst

Thursday, January 2nd
A former takesman finally lands on his feet... in a puddle of thirst. A NBA writer sends 2019 off with a bang with a couple of tweets that set the world on...
Art of the Take 94WIP

40 Pizzas In 30 Days

Thursday, December 5th
Papa John unleashes some takes and speaks of the day of reckoning, the Irishman inspires a ton of takes, but did anyone actually see it? Is it possible to...
Art of the Take 94WIP

Jimmy Carter Is Not Building Houses

Sunday, November 17th
The Ringer vs. The Ringer Union is brought to the forefront with the most unnecessary rap song of all-time, Jimmy Carter is called on the carpet for putting...
Art of the Take 94WIP

Another Fallen Takesman

Friday, October 4th
This week's podcast recorded at a real Takesman Roundtable, with one mic in the center of the table. We discuss the newest sports asterisk, whether comedians...