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The Art of the Take

For takesmen, by takesmen. The Art of The Take is an audio workshop to talk
about the best takes, the worst takes, and everything in between. Hosted by
Spike Eskin, Joe Giglio, Jack Fritz, and more.
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Art of the Take 94WIP

I Want To Fight People If Necessary

Thursday, July 11th
The US Women's National Soccer team has caused a wave of takes and thirst we've never seen before, from sports people, political people, and regular people...
Art of the Take 94WIP

All Takes No Filler Volume II

Wednesday, July 3rd
There are only takes in this podcast!! This is the second volume of ATNF, where we compile all of our sports and non-sports takes since the last episode. It...
Art of the Take 94WIP

All People Born In August Are D**kheads

Thursday, June 27th
Accidental Viral Critical Consensus needed a follow up, so GIPAK is here. The need for an Art Of The Take Facebook group, and whether boomers can handle takes...