The Art of the Take

For takesmen, by takesmen. The Art of The Take is an audio workshop to talk
about the best takes, the worst takes, and everything in between. Hosted by
Spike Eskin, Joe Giglio, Jack Fritz, and more.

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Sports & Recreation


I Am Better At Life Than You

Friday, May 17th
The Knicks not getting the #1 pick provided a lot of takes, and a lot of thirst. We discuss the new Art Of The Take subReddit, the best sports takesman in the...

Spike Has No Takes

Friday, May 10th
A very concerning episode of the podcast as one of the world's premier thirstmen becomes a takesman, Spike has a very troubling announcement, we take a look at...

Game Of Takes

Friday, April 12th
Some of the most scorching takes from some of the most unlikely places this week. We discuss being a preliminary takesman vs. being a reactionary takesman, a...