Zero F's Given

Zero Fs Given

The Zero F’s Given podcast is a give and go podcast between two brothers, Sean Bell and Don Bell, as they take on topics ranging from sports, entertainment and culture. They give zero F’s in unabashedly discussing their opinions on trending topics that move the needle.         
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Zero F's Given

Episode 53: The Rona

Monday, March 16th
Sean talks about the problems the Corona Virus creates for not just those who catch it but for those who will be out of work. He also talks about Draymond...
Zero F's Given

Episode 52: Corona Flights

Monday, March 9th
It's a whole lot of trash talking and roasting when best friends get together. Emeka Nwani joins the show to talk Spike Lee vs. the Knicks, how real the...
Zero F's Given

Episode 51: Toxic Femininity

Monday, March 2nd
The fellas are joined by Mina SayWhat. Sean creates the term toxic femininity for all the women who have toxic behavior.... it's not just men. The crew discuss...
Zero F's Given

Episode 50: Follow The Lizzo

Thursday, December 19th
Guess who's back?! Marshall Harris returns to the the podcast. Lizzo is out here doing the most but somebody wants you to follow suit, booty grazing broken...
Zero F's Given

Episode 49: Down In The DMs

Tuesday, December 10th
Anchor, host, and good friend Brooke Thomas stops by and lets the fellows read her raunchy DMs. Justin Timberlake is an innocent man, the Peloton controversy...
Zero F's Given

Episode 48: Family Feud

Tuesday, November 19th
The guys break down the debacle that was Colin Kaepernick's workout with the NFL... or lack there of. They debate if Kaep got a real shot by the NFL and if...