Zero F's Given

Zero Fs Given

The Zero F’s Given podcast is a three-man weave between local sports
personalities Marshall Harris, Sean Bell, and Don Bell as they take on topics
ranging from sports, entertainment and the Culture. They give zero F’s in
unabashedly discussing their opinions on trending topics that move the

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Sports & Recreation


Zero F's Given

Ep. 12: Please Delete Your Tweets

Wednesday, December 12th
Sean, Don & Marshall go over everyone that's gotten got this week on the Twitter dot com, try to figure who the new king of R&B is and dicuss accetable...
Zero F's Given

Ep. 11: Champions and "Famous Spit"

Wednesday, December 5th
The boys are back to chat about Kareem Hunt, how it must be real love with Ben cause Kylie is going to DREXEL GAMES and some quick thoughts on the newest Meek...