Robert Kraft and Michael Rubin

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Michael Rubin consulted Robert Kraft on Burnergate

Andrew Porter
December 07, 2018 - 8:29 am

The Bryan Colangelo burnergate situation was one of the weirdest situations in sports, maybe ever. 

Sixers co-owner and business man Michael Rubin, who joined Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports' Big Cat on Barstool's new The Corp Podcast, admitted to consulting with close friend and Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the situation this Spring. 

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"Look, first of all if you're in any public business—and there's no more public business than sports onwership, that's the most public company in the world—you have lots of awkward situations," Rubin explained on The Corp. 

"I actually, without getting into the details, I called Robert multiple times about it to get his perspective," Rubin continued. "And also, Josh (Harris) and I called Robert to get his perspective. Look, he's the most winning owner in modern sports history. He's one of my closest—literally, I talk to him multiple times a day, every day. It would be insane not to pick his brain about the situation."

The Ringer published the investigation regarding Colangelo's fake Twitter accounts on May 29th, 2018. Rubin said he found out about thanks to Joel Embiid non-stop face-timing him. 

"The way I found out about it was really a shock," Rubin said. "I was actually in my apartment in a meeting with Meek (Mill) and with somebody else, we were actually talking about some important world issues. And I wasn't picking my phone up and Joel Embiid face times me like 17 times. I'm finally like, 'What do you want?' So, I found out from him. Joel is a troll on social media and he's glued to his phone, so he was my source of information."

As for the big collars?

"Listen, collars I can live with," Rubin said. "I'm all about results. I don't care what you look like."

Rubin's entire conversation with Rodriguez and Big Cat is very interesting. Rubin, who is from Lower Merion and the owner of Fanatics—the world's leading online seller of licensed sports merchandise—discusses his early struggles in business, his relationship with Meek Mill, Robert Kraft, and more. 

Ps. Semi-unrelated to this story but noteworthy for a post on, Rubin recently tweeted a throwback Thursday picture of himself hosting a radio show on 610 WIP when he was 17 years old.