It's Official: Utley named most important 2008 Phillie

94WIP Staff
May 20, 2020 - 9:10 am

Tuesday was the second day of Once And For All Week on 94WIP, where we debated who the most important player of the 2008 Phillies is. 

The answer is Chase Utley, who received 34-percent of the vote. 

Glen Macnow wrote a piece analyzing all of the options, eventually going with Utley. 

Surprisingly, Cole Hamels was second with 29-percent of the vote, thanks in large part to an early push by Angelo Cataldi on the 94WIP Morning Show. 

Next, Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie debated on the 94WIP Midday Show. DeCamara argued for Hamels. 

Ryan Howard received just 20-percent of the vote, but Jon Marks was his biggest advocate on the 94WIP Marks & Reese Show. 

The 2008 GM of the Phillies, Ruben Amaro Jr., joined Marks & Reese and put a vote in for Utley. 

Finally, Joe Giglio wrapped up the day by agreeing that Utley was the most important player.