It's official: Eagles fans choose Wentz over Foles

94WIP Staff
May 22, 2020 - 7:48 am

On Thursday, May 21st, 2020, Eagles fans lost their minds in one final debate over Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, as part of 94WIP's Once And For All Week. In the most lopsided and anticipated poll yet, the people picked Carson Wentz over Nick Foles once and for all.

Although the poll was incredibly skewed in Wentz favor, it was a day full of heated debate. Ross Tucker, Sheil Kappadia, Ray Didinger, and Tommy From Down The Shore all weighed in throughout the day. Ike Reese defended the LTBB Community against arch enemies Eliot-Shorr Parks and Joe Giglio during the Afternoon Show. The later two reconciled later that night on the Evening Show to wrap things up.

The day, however, started off with a tweet that melted the internet:

The Giglio bomb set off a chain reaction throughout Twitter and WIP. After dismissing Giglio's point, Ross Tucker joined the Morning Show to discuss his support of Carson Wentz.

Joe and Jon discussed their own takes as well as Ray Didinger's from the previous day.

The Afternoon Show came to bat for Carson Wentz and the LTBB Community. Ike Reese went at it with both Eliot Shorr-Parks and Joe Giglio.

Giglio was joined by Howard Eskin to start off the show, fighting the last battle for Nick Foles as he sunk with the ship.