Ruben Amaro Jr. says Chase Utley was most important

94WIP Staff
May 19, 2020 - 3:56 pm

Tuesday's Once And For All Debate was answered by the for-most subject-matter expert, former Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro.

"Just like in any other sport, it’s a team effort but if I was going to point to one guy, I would say Chase Utley," Amaro said in an interview on Marks & Reese Afternoon Show.

"Day in and day-out, he was so consistent with his effort and leadership. We had some great guys. Jimmy and Pat Burrell were great leaders and Ryan Howard had a phenomenal year offensively. I guess as an all-around player, Chase was the most impactful by a hair over Ryan Howard and then Jimmy Rollins after that."

Amaro, who was the Assistant GM during the 2008 season, gave insight into Utley's importance to the Phillies behind the scenes.

"Chase was one of those quiet leaders. He wasn't a ra-ra guy or a screamer. He was a little bit like Darren Daulton was when Darren became the leader of the 1993 Phillies team in a lot of ways. He didn't want to step on toes. Jimmy Rollins had more tenure and he was very respectful of people. Same time, he would grab a kid if he didn’t feel like they were making the effort or someone made a mistake."

When asked about Cole Hamels contributions to the team, Amaro pointed to another member in the rotation as being equally important to their success.

You start looking at the whole team and there are some that might say Jamie Moyer is the most important guy on our club. He pitched his rear-end off. He had a 3.71 ERA, won 16 games for us and kept us in them. It’s not the sexy choice but he was outstanding and very consistent for us. Without Jamie, we don't win. Obviously Cole Hamels was spectacular down the stretch and was great for us."

Amaro was also asked about his thoughts on the upcoming 2020 season and the realistic outlook on the season ahead.

"The health piece of this is a big hump. There is stuff that just doesn't jive well considering this is a team sport. Everyone is isolated, everyone is away from everyone. That's just a hard thing, there is chemistry lost in this whole thing. There is a lot of imagination for that to happen. It's going to be difficult, I think it's possible."